18 August, 2022

Why this year is going to be the greenest ever at Northbridge

Why this year is going to be the greenest ever at Northbridge-Why this year is going to be the greenest ever at Northbridge-Green_Northbridge
Why this year is going to be the greenest ever at Northbridge

By Owen Haywood


Back in September 2021, when I first arrived at Northbridge International School Cambodia, I was asked if I could supervise an eco-group by our Global Campus Leader. Eight students joined me online as we discussed a vision and aims for the group. Three of those aims were met on the 1st day back of school on Thursday 11th August 2022.

Those aims were “to reduce consumption of harmful materials”, “to help support sustainable businesses and NGO’s” and “to make the school community including staff members more aware of issues that impact us locally and globally”. 


How were all these aims met on the first day back? Well, it has taken since September 2021 to implement new systems that would allow NISC to ban single-use plastics. As a community we have massively reduced the amount of harmful plastic that could leach into our environment, this is a huge win for us and for nature. 


We supported local sustainable business by inviting Only One Planet in to set up a pop-up stall selling reusable bottles, cups and straws. Our school community has become more aware of the global plastics issue; students raised the issue at the PYP Exhibition, parents have been informed by letters being sent home regarding bringing in reusable water bottles and all new teachers were given a reusable coffee cup on their first day of induction. 


All of this was made possible from the bottom-up (students initiating the Eco Council) and from the top-down (support from management). If we can continue to tackle environmental issues in this manner, then NISC will be on its way to a sustainable future. I would like to thank Coolyn and the other seven students in Grade 12 for having the insight and vision to start the Eco Council. They set the ball rolling for the Eco Schools program. 


At the end of the month we will have our first Eco-Committee meeting with parents, teachers, community members and our students running the show!