07 September, 2022

Evaluating Northbridge sustainability with the Eco-Council

Evaluating Northbridge sustainability with the Eco-Council - Evaluating Northbridge sustainability with the Eco-Council
On 29 August 2022, the Northbridge International School Cambodia Eco-Council held their first meeting with the newly elected roles and committee members.

Vice President, Emily Khiev restated Eco-Councils missions and visions to ‘engage others in the protection of our environment with a vision to foster an everlasting ecological consciousness that will be preserved in the school community.’

Additionally, the Eco-Council expressed their desire to join with STUCO to ‘promote and share the students that share a variety of overlapping concerns and ethics for our community.’

As a first step to becoming an Eco-School, committee members split up into groups with an assigned teacher to evaluate and conclude a sustainability audit of Northbridge. Members carefully and attentively investigated prompts such as waste, litter, water and sanitation and more.

Through this assessment, the Eco-Council learnt the different environmental issues in the school such as waste of energy, water and waste management issues. Based on the assessments done by the committee members, Eco-Council chose to focus on the following themes: Waste and Biodiversity for the 2022-2024 academic years.

Evaluation of the biodiversity theme has concluded that although school grounds has plenty of green space, there is a lack of variety of native trees and plants. The Eco-Council plans to create a larger variety of habitats where different organisms can thrive within our school community. In our review of waste, we concluded that our school lacks recycling bins, also some of our students are unaware of the purpose of reducing waste.

Additional to evaluating school situations, Eco-Council was divided further into the following teams: events, communications, waste, biodiversity and the newly added design team.


Events TeamLed by Weiming Chen

  • Sovibol Pea

  • Liza Leang Touch

  • Kisty Phirun

  • Kahabadeiy Heng

  • Soksan Hay

  • Kaian Ostheimer-Heald

  • Catherine Chea

  • Riza Meas

  • RothShophor Villa

  • Uddom Chey Chhor


Communications Team: Led by Mei Mei Heng

  • Thuchini Ly

  • Lysodalen Suor

  • Alissa Shen


Waste Team:Led by Sereiy Sure Sedeiy

  • Chaewon 

  • Sereiy Mongkol 

  • Emily Bun

  • King Touch


Biodiversity Team: Led by Chan Thida Heng

  • Mayumi Escubil

  • Julie Pei Yong Te

  • Veasna Heng

  • Chan Sofie Chea

  • Remy Proeung

  • Keanghuy Kuch


Design Team: Led by Bothra Heng

  • Serey Wathanak Sunly

  • Sodana Heng

  • Sihak Chea

  • Heng Ear

  • Sihakreach Na Leng


We are excited to witness a change in the environment at Northbridge, and hope you are too!