18 December, 2023

How the Bring Your Own Device program benefits Primary learning

How the Bring Your Own Device program benefits Primary learning-How the Bring Your Own Device program benefits Primary learning-photo_2023-12-18_08-59-46
How the Bring Your Own Device program benefits Primary learning

By Aidan Stallwood
Head of Primary

As the Head of Primary at Northbridge International School Cambodia, I am excited to reflect on this terms implementation and share with you the benefits of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in education.

BYOD is a resourceful approach to solving the challenges that arise from technology-based forms of education. It is a system where students have the option to use their own device to complete class projects or access learning resources while at school.


BYOD has several advantages and benefits for both students and educators. Firstly, it promotes greater participation in the classroom. When new technologies are incorporated into everyday learning, students quickly become more interested in the material, and thus more likely to succeed. Secondly, it allows for differentiated teaching, where teachers can use media to meet different learning needs. Thirdly, it makes learning more interactive and engaging. Lastly, it allows students to be in control of their learning.


I am proud to say that we already have a BYOD setup in Grade 4 and 5, and it has been a great success. Running alongside our policies concerning respectful use of electronics in the classroom, such as the user agreement.


I have already witnessed some excellent deployment of the various resources we have invested in for this and showcasing of learning with units of inquiry which have allowed for deeper reasoning, application of key concepts and creativity in what the children do. 


We continue to review what we do and I am excited as I have review what grades we are planning to extend the BYOD setup to next academic year - more on this in 2024. Especially as it is felt we need to allow younger students to benefit from the advantages of BYOD and prepare them for the digital world they will be living in.


In conclusion, BYOD is a game changer in education, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. We believe that BYOD will help our students become more engaged, more interested, and more successful in their learning journey. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of BYOD on our students and our school community.