12 January, 2024

Northbridge Primary introduces acclaimed program to improve reading and writing

Northbridge Primary introduces acclaimed program to improve reading and writing-Northbridge Primary introduces acclaimed program to improve reading and writing skills-photo_2024-01-12_09-03-50
Northbridge Primary introduces acclaimed program to improve reading and writing

By Donita Bell
Assistant Head of Primary & PYP Coordinator

Northbridge International School Cambodia has embraced a program in Early Learning to Grade Two that focuses on those first steps to reading – unlocking the phonetic code to the English language. Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Early Learning 4 , KG, Grade One and Grade Two are working with students every day for up to 30 minutes to develop student’s decoding skills. These skills are foundational to the reading process.

Read Write Inc. (RWI) is a highly effective literacy program designed for lower primary students.  It offers a comprehensive and structured approach to teaching phonics and early reading skills. The program has gained widespread popularity and acclaim for its numerous benefits in fostering literacy development among young learners.

One of the main advantages of Read Write Inc. lies in its systematic and sequential nature. The program follows a careful progression of phonics and literacy skills, ensuring that students build a strong foundation in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) words.  This approach helps children develop a solid understanding of the relationships between sounds and letters, facilitating the reading process.

RWI employs a multisensory teaching method, engaging students through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic channels. This approach caters to diverse learning styles, making the learning experience more inclusive and effective. The incorporation of interactive elements, such as sound cards, word cards, and physical activities, not only enhances engagement but also reinforces key concepts.

The program also places a significant emphasis on differentiation. Every 5-6 weeks, the RWI Lead alongside Grade Level leaders assess the knowledge students by assessing each child individually. The regular assessments allow us to track every students progression through a sequenced sets of essential English phonemes.   Students progress at their own pace at their level in a group setting.


Through a strategy – ‘Fred Talk’, students understand how to blend words to read and segment words to write.  This dual focus on reading and writing enhances overall literacy proficiency and provides the first steps to reading and writing.  

Since the commencement of the implementation of Read Write Inc. at NISC, we have observed a marked improvement in the students phonetic knowledge.  We urge families and carers of our EL4 to Grade 2 to encourage student follow up at home with sound charts and homereading books.  Students at NISC are embracing these essential skills which are the foundations for English language development.