26 January, 2024

Northbridge Grade 5 embrace the end of Primary with the PYP Exhibition

Northbridge Grade 5 embrace the end of Primary with the PYP Exhibition-Northbridge Grade 5 embrace the end of Primary with the PYP Exhibition-photo_2024-01-26_09-33-02
Northbridge Grade 5 embrace the end of Primary with the PYP Exhibition

By Donita Bell
Assistant Head of Primary & PYP Coordinator

The PYP Exhibition is a culminating project in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students in Grade 5 at Northbridge International School Cambodia. It provides an opportunity for students to put into practice the essential elements of the PYP and demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts, trans-disciplinary skills, and attitudes they have developed throughout their Primary years.

During the PYP Exhibition (PYPX), students engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry into a real-life issue or problem of personal interest. They choose their own topics and work together to research, investigate, and take action on their chosen issues. The exhibition is an authentic learning experience that encourages students to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in different subject areas and make connections to the real world.

The PYP Exhibition preparation and planning at Northbridge started when we launched the process and planning with families and students in January. During February, Secondary and Primary will be given the opportunity to sign up to be passion presenters, presentation experts and mentors for the Grade 5 students in their Exhibition journey.

Through March, the students will identify their own interest projects from their passions and the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals to work collaboratively with a group of their peers with similar action ideas and goals.

Students will engage in a range of activities such as conducting interviews, surveys, experiments, and fieldwork. Through the PYP Exhibition, students develop their research, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They also learn to collaborate effectively, think creatively, and take actions that contribute to positive change in their communities.

The exhibition culminates in an always memorable celebration where students present their findingscreate presentations, displays, and multimedia resources to showcase their learning to their peers, teachers, parents, and the community. Finally the Grade 5 students reflect on their learning journey that's led them to this point in their education.

The PYP Exhibition is a significant milestone in the PYP curriculum, providing students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding, skills, and attitudes while making a meaningful impact in their community.

We look forward to working with families, the Northbridge community and students to make this a successful PYPX for our Grade 5s, and we hope you'll join us to witness their incredible journey so far as young learners.