05 July, 2024

For this Chinese parent, the successful Northbridge approach to learning is what he's looking for in an international school

For this Chinese parent, the successful Northbridge approach to learning is what he's looking for in an international school - For this Chinese parent the Northbridge approach to learning is exactly what hes looking for
For this Chinese parent, the successful Northbridge approach to learning is what he's looking for in an international school
At Northbridge International School Cambodia, the academic school of choice in Phnom Penh, we pride ourselves on having an international community with an Asian mindset. It means that for our students we combine a world-class international education with the nurturing support needed for them to succeed in life. In this interview, a proud Chinese parent discusses the positive impact Northbridge has had on his two daughters so far.




Please introduce your family

I have two daughters. One is in Grade 1 and the other one is in EL4 (Early Learning 4). This is my daughters’ first year at Northbridge.


Why did you choose Northbridge?

The reason why I chose Northbridge is that, first and foremost, we think this campus is clean, which is what my wife values most; second, the school has IB accreditation, I pay more attention to this.

Third, we like the school environment and teachers very much. The campus is big and children can play freely.


What are the benefits of our IB program?

I think the IB program is very important because it is an international course. I used to live in the United States, so I think internationalization is very important

Nowadays, many countries need frequent communications, and it is inevitable for children to be international and open-minded. The IB program helps them better cope with changing society.


How have your daughters changed since they started at Northbridge?

I appreciate the resources that schools provide to my children. Because my two daughters rarely spoke English in the United States before, they spoke Mandarin at home.

Now both children can speak and read English.

For the first two weeks, they were shy. But now they are happy to go to school and they meet many friends.

They enjoy the school life here, and the school gives us a lot of support.

My eldest daughter was not good at English when she first came to school. Extra classes were offered to help her keep up with her daily routine courses.

My younger daughter is shy and her teachers encourage her all the time. Teachers often communicate with us about how we can work together to encourage her both at school and at home.

Now she has become more outgoing, and she is happy and willing to communicate with friends and teachers.


What school activities have you enjoyed?

I like the school activities such as International Day and Picnic Day. We all signed up. 

The children are very happy that their parents can participate in the activities together.

Children enjoy going to school more. There are lots of activities here, and parents have fun together.

In addition, on the International Day, I was surprised to find that there were children from other countries in the school.


What’s most important for you at school?

My children's happiness is the most important thing to me. Recently, the children were happy to share their experience of participating in a step-up class, preparing them for the next grade in August.

The children have changed a lot since they came to Northbridge. During Covid, they were at home for three years and it was difficult for them to communicate with others. They used to depend on us for everything.

Now they have become independent, open-minded and good at communication, especially in English.

We are happy that at Northbridge our children can develop their own way and do what they want without our help.

We think the environment here is very good, and the school is good for the children, so the children will continue to study here. 

Both my wife and I like Northbridge very much.


How does the school help international students feel part of the community?

I like the way the school helps international students adapt to school life. Students from many different countries are very cheerful at school, they respect, and get on well with each other.

The school staff are friendly and make friends with the children. I think this is important because we are equal, and we can't exclude others

Northbridge is a good choice for parents, and an international school. My children have been very happy since they came to Northbridge.

Therefore, I sincerely recommend Northbridge as the first choice for parents.




我有两个女儿,一个是一年,一个是EL(Early Year) 4。我女儿都是第一年在北桥读书



选择原因是,第一最重要的是我们觉这边是我老婆最看重的;第二,学校有IB 认证IB accreditation 我来,我也比视这个。 第三,这边学校境和老,我很喜 境大,小孩子可以自由活境方面, 我的孩子小,他里可以自由活,大的校园更有力去做她想要做的事情。














我来,小孩子开心最重要,就几天, 她回家跟我,她很开心要升班了。自从她来到北,我得她有很多化,因我的孩子都是属于新冠一代,我以前两三年都一直在家。在,她常跟人家用英沟通。得善于交,思,不像以前一直什么西都要找父母。在她很独立,自己可以出去做自己要做的事情。我很高兴在北,我的孩子可以展自己的方式,在没有我帮助的情况下做他想做的事。此外,我们觉里的境很好,学校孩子也很好,所以孩子就会继续里学。我和我的妻子都非常喜