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Key Stage 2: Residential recap, Part 2

Year 6 had an exciting residential trip to Rayong… Year 5 worked together with Key Stage 1 students on the topic of Sustainability...Book Week is just around the corner - are you ready?

Year 6 Residential

Two weeks ago, Year 6 headed off for their annual adventure to Rayong. It was an amazing trip with lots of activities and new experiences for everyone. Some of our writers have put together some of the highlights of the trip. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we enjoyed taking part! 

Mr Matt - Y6 Leader


After eating our lunch on the boat, we quickly carried our fins and snorkels to the shore where we then set off into the water along with other teachers and the group instructors.As we swam deeper and deeper into the ocean, we saw many corals, fish and a lot of sea cucumbers. There were so many types of corals: dancing ones, brain-like corals, and long stringy ones with fish peacefully slipping through. The creatures we saw down there were all so interesting and full of colour. During one of the days, we even saw a stingray and a turtle! After about 40 minutes of swimming and snorkeling, our adventure came to an end as we headed back to shore. After that, we took the boat back to the pier and from there, we took the bus back to our final destination: the hotel (where we then rested after a long and exhausting day full of excitement).

020320 ks2 1

Boat trip and turtle sanctuary

During our visit to Turtle Island, Year 6 learned exciting and interesting new facts about turtles and how the staff had helped them to survive. We also saw lots of different types of turtles such as; green turtles, ancient olive ridley turtles, and we even got to see the parents that were responsible for giving birth to them. Moreover, Year 6 were able to observe the adorable turtles at the Turtle Sanctuary, as well as look at the nesting grounds of where the adult female turtles lay ( layed ) their eggs. Year 6 were also able to feed the turtles cabbage. After all the excitement, we went back to our boat to eat lunch, which was fried rice mixed with vegetables and fried chicken. 

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The groups were split into two, so half could go kayaking and the other half could go orienteering. First, everyone got into pairs, as to kayak, you need two people to do it. Slowly, one by one, people started to slip their boats into the water and kayaked in different directions. After a few minutes of getting used to our kayaks, we started playing games; some of them included balls and picking it up as well as putting into your goal, but some others were just races. In the middle of the activity,, we had a break to eat cookies as we had done many activities and were exhausted. Once we got back our energy from the food, we did some different (slightly more challenging) activities. Together as a team, the whole group held hands as we lined our kayaks in a straight line, whilst some people stood up. Lastly, to make this challenge even more challenging, some students were chosen to walk across the kayaks (which was extremely hard, considering the fact that the boats kept tilting and swaying). Everyone had a blast! 

(See banner picture)


Other than that, the wonderful Wild Planet staff taught us how to use GPS devices before we went trekking in the forests as groups. They carefully taught us about every single function in the useful device, which taught a lot of us interesting new skills. Additionally, we paired up so that we could practice using the GPS device just to ensure that we were capable of using it by trying to follow a short route. Afterwards, we were then sent into the forest to follow different routes to achieve our mission, where we were required to answer riddles, draw pictures etc. Some teams even got full scores! We all enjoyed it very much, as it was a new and exciting experience for all of us.

020320 ks2 6


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the other Year 6 students were perfecting their Thai dishes. All the students would crowd around the big table where the Wild Planet staff would explain what to do. They gave us assistance and tips if needed but other than that, we had to cook everything alone. In groups, we worked as a team to make our dish the most delicious and fresh in order to impress the judges. After we finished making the tom yam gai (which was our main course) we moved on to the following challenge, which was dessert. We were expected to make a tapioca and coconut milk dessert (you could also add an egg that was cooked in sugar oil, that was optional but points would be taken off because it was not the original recipe ). Once again, the staff explained how to do everything and then we started cooking. At the end we  would be awarded points on cleanliness, food waste, taste etc. Lastly, the points were added up and the winner was announced. Everybody enjoyed the activity, especially because we got to eat it in the end.

020320 ks2 7

Beach activities

On the first day, when we arrived, everyone joined in on beach activities. One of the activities was picking up a ball with one hand and a stick. We were required to lift the ball up and drop it into a black bucket, which was quite difficult. Other activities included an exciting little game with all of us in a circle, anticipating the winner of "1, 2, 3," a storytelling game we all enjoyed a lot. Another very memorable activity on the enchanting beach of Rayong chalet was water rockets, where we all got to design and create our own reusable water rockets, in which we blasted into the air, hoping to be crowned the winner of this friendly competition. 

020320 ks2 8

Talent show

The ‘Talent Show’ was filled with amazing acts such as; singing, dancing, stand up comedy and jokes. The teachers laughed, clapped and sang along, so did the students, and we all had a great time!


Finally, on the last night at ‘Rayong Chalet’, all the year sixes gathered in a room as the teachers put on popular songs (which were chosen, of course, by the Y6 students),  so everyone could feel happy and jazzed-up, for this was the final night of the splendid trip.

A big thank you to Wild Planet for looking after all of the children so well and thank you to Rayong Chalet for providing decent food and accommodation. And finally thank you to all the teachers and staff who accompanied the trip. The children would not have these opportunities if it were not for you! See you next year, Rayong!

By Pim, Proud, Jimmy, Kira, Aya and Chanya

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STA does their bit for the local community

Recently, the local community, directly including some of our transport staff, was affected by a devastating fire. We opened a donation channel on Moodle for our parents and staff to help this local community rebuild their lives as they lost everything in the fire. Thanks to your generous donations, we have to date raised just over 400,000 Baht. This money will now be passed on this week to the community leaders, who are coordinating the rebuilding project. The collection is still open (via Moodle) if you would still like to donate.  Thanks also to those of you whose companies are able to support this project.

Sustainability Stars in Y5

A few weeks ago, Year 5 took part in an exciting project with KS1. Each Y5 class paired up with a class in Y1-3 to teach them about an area of their topic- Sustainability. 

Here’s what Mrs Nicola - Y5 Leader- had to say: “We were really proud of how well they presented using either Keynotes or Google Slides. The children loved sharing their knowledge and asked me if they could present to the younger children after every topic we do.”

Here are some quotes from the students too:

"I really enjoyed going to 2S and being a mini teacher. The children were great at listening. I had made a Kahoot to see if they had remembered some of the facts...and they did."

Hadley (5L)

"We had a great time sharing our top tips on how to be sustainable with the Year 2s" 

Aithy (5N) 

"I was kind of nervous, but presenting to Year 2 made me build up my confidence!" 

Trish (5N)

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Book Week is coming!

020320 ks2 17

While many recent and upcoming events have had to sadly be cancelled due to the current health concerns, we will still be forging ahead with our annual Book Week in the Primary School. At present, our planned author visit is still on. Damian Harvey is very excited with the prospect of visiting us in Bangkok and we are working with him to draw up a timetable for the week. You can find out more about him and his books here.

020320 ks2 18

This year also sees the return of the taste bud tantalising Great St Andrews Book Week Bake Off so it’s time for the children to get those creative juices flowing with some amazing cake designs. 

020320 ks2 19

This year, our STA Ecobeasts are trying to encourage us to be more sustainable in everything we do- Book Week included. They are encouraging us to recycle our old Book Week costumes to help do out bit to save the environment and to reduce the stress of having to come up with new costume ideas! If you have old costumes that children have outgrown or just don’t wear anymore, they can be donated to school in return for House Points. These costumes will then be sold at discount prices and all of the money raised will be sent to Australian Wildlife charities to support their recovery from the devastating wildfires. Read the poster below to find out more.

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Keeping Well in KS2

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Upcoming events 

  • Y4 Music Concert (4 classes 4G, 4H, 4J 4K) - Tuesday 10th March @ 8.15 am in Drama Studio

  • Y4 Music Concert (3 classes 4E, 4P, 4R) - Wednesday 11th March @ 8.15 am in Drama Studio

  • Dance ECA and Dance Squad Concert Term 2 - Wednesday 18th March @ 4 pm in Sports Hall

  • Book week - 23rd - 27th March

  • Songkran Assembly & Last day of term 2- Friday 3rd April