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Class of 2018 - Where are they now?

We decided to catch up with our class of 2018 - the first graduating cohort at BSKL - to see where they are now and what they have been up to at university. 

Matthew Phang

Our outgoing Head Boy, Matthew Phang, is enjoying studying Computer Science at the University of Sydney where he has been voted in as President of the Sydney University Malaysian Students Association. Matthew came back to BSKL last week and gave a presentation during a Year 12 university tutorial session. He gave an overview about university applications to Australia, as well as what life is like at the University of Sydney. Matthew also spent some time speaking to some younger students and their parents about how they can best prepare for Australian university applications.


Matthew Phang

Han Vern

Han Vern went on to study Law at Leeds University, UK. He has completed a pro bono research programme which involved finding delays in government responses to financial aid claims from families with disabled children. Han Vern has loved the freedom of university (10am classes at the earliest!) and has been enjoying the stellar language exchange programme which has proven to be an amazing way to meet new people from all over the globe. His main piece of advice for BSKL students is to take advantage of all of the career-related events at university right from the start. Han Vern is a member of the Law Society where he is exposed to a number of different employers throughout the year. "The sooner you can show initiative and your proactive attitude to potential employers, the greater the advantage you'll have in three or four years' time when you graduate and have to look for employment. It may seem like a far and distant thought - to have to find work, but as they say, the early bird catches the worm.”

Ren Neoh

Ren is studying Graphic Arts (Illustration) at the University of Southampton (Winchester School of Art). Ren is enjoying making new friends, visiting London to see fellow BSKL friends and successfully cooking! She’s been doing well in university so far with great feedback from her tutors and has also joined the Malaysian Society’s Marketing team. She has found money management to be a challenge and was initially more homesick than she thought she might be. “In general BSKL's atmosphere and uniquely kind cohort gave me a lot of social confidence in university!”

Ren Neoh


Michael is studying Maths at UCL. He loves the location - walking everywhere and anywhere for anything. He says so far life has felt "wonderfully commitment free and flexible," and in true Michael style he has shared a few fun anecdotes -  he’s learned how to make rice perfectly in the microwave, eaten chilli oil for lunch for a week and exploded an egg in the microwave (honest mistake). Academically he says “it’s challenging but I am finding my feet. I may have been really stubborn about this, but when I was preparing for my university interviews at BSKL the teachers put a lot of emphasis on verbalising my thought process. That training has been such great help for tutorials, even if my professor sometimes doesn't understand what I say.” Although he is loving the freedom at university, he is missing BSKL and the individual care provided for each student.

Minn E

Minn E went straight into the second year studying Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Her highlights so far have been the challenging chemistry practicals and the Christmas market and New Year's celebration which was a huge event with amazing food, fun rides and lots to buy. Going straight into the second year was initially a big challenge, as she was less familiar with lab equipment and lab report writing etiquette, but she has had lots of support from staff and students. "Surprisingly, Edinburgh is not as cold as everyone said it was going to be. I want to thank the BSKL teachers for teaching me how to voice my opinions and ideas, it's crucial in university.”


Elle is at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Public Relations and Marketing. She recently achieved a First in her first assignment for public relations. She loves living in Manchester although forgot how different it would be to live back in the UK again (weather, culture etc.) after being in Malaysia for two years. Elle has a great group of friends and has found the lecturers on her course to be really charismatic which she loves. “Even though uni is amazing, I must say I really do miss Malaysia and BSKL - I don’t think I’d have taken to the uni experience quite as well without all the experiences I had there. I'm definitely missing all my teachers as well."


Kai Yee

Kai Yee is enjoying studying Law at Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in Petaling Jaya. She is completing the Bachelor of Law External with University of London (UOL) which means she attends all her lectures and tutorials at BAC, Malaysia and will gain a degree from UOL.


Sarah is studying Pharmacy in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and has just completed her first semester exams. Sarah admits she had doubts about studying pharmacy even after she had applied but she is really enjoying the course. She has revisited a lot of content from A Level and is learning about other concepts other than just biology and chemistry. She is a member of the pharmacy society and has helped organise a blood donation drive on campus. She’s also really looking forward to starring in the upcoming musical organised by the university’s Performance Arts Society.


Adriana is also studying at the The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and is enjoying her degree in International Communication with Film and TV Studies. She’s learning new skills both in and out of the classroom and has joined the archery society!

Sarah and Adriana