At BSKL, achieving great things means having a positive impact on our school, the community, and across the world. Every day, our students get involved in hands-on projects that improve the lives of others, developing a host of transferable skills in the process.

protecting our planet

Thought-provoking social and environmental impact projects will inspire your child to consider the issues facing our planet – and take action to address them. Set up by students, our BSKL for Malayan Tigers group campaigns for the protection of the endangered Malayan Tiger. Our children’s commitment to the cause – which includes raising more than RM100,000 – has been praised by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Our Eco Lions group drives sustainability in school, helping to create a brighter, greener campus. The group come up with initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, as they work towards prestigious Eco Schools ‘silver’ status.

our partnership with unicef

Your child will drive global change through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF. At the annual UNICEF Global Summit, our students showcase their public speaking, writing, research, and teamwork skills. Organised and managed solely by students, the BSKL Model United Nations (MUN) Conference welcomes colourful debate and discussion on global themes – including migration – and seeks creative solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

the duke of edinburgh's AWARD

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award immerses our Year 10-13 students in experiences that build confidence, courage, and independence. Your child will take on new challenges and give back to the community, developing essential skills for the future, including resilience, resourcefulness, and the ability to solve problems. The Award is such a valued part of the student experience that we’ve built our own programme for Year 7-9 students.


a life-affirming adventure

Our expedition to the Nord Anglia centre in Arusha, Tanzania, is the adventure of a lifetime. Our students work with changemakers from across the world on vital community projects, learn about the environment, and understand the importance of sustainable development. A truly life-changing experience, our trip to Tanzania builds our students’ confidence, independence, and sense of social responsibility.


BSKL students excel in and beyond the classroom. Your child will learn in a way that’s right for them, enjoying unique learning experiences that inspire, engage, and motivate them to be their very best.

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