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When your child joins our school, you do, too. You’ll love being part of our happy and ambitious community – and we promise to help you and your family make the most of your time at BSKL.
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You'll find term, holiday, and event dates in our calendar.
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Whatever your child’s passion, there’s an activity for them at BSKL. Our students achieve incredible things on life-changing expeditions, showcase their talents at more than 100 after-school clubs, and make a real difference to people, causes, and communities across the globe.
Trips and expeditions
Immersive experiences ignite our students’ imaginations, bringing learning to life in exciting ways. On local, national, and international trips – including to Tanzania and Switzerland – your child will grow in confidence, form friendships, and learn about the wonders and challenges facing our world.
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Our co-curricular sports clubs are open to all, giving every student the chance to get active and do what they enjoy. Activities include football, netball, swimming, and badminton, as well as Capoeira, fencing, and yoga. Your child can also train and compete for our BSKL Lions teams.
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Music, drama, and dance
Your child’s inner star will shine brightly, as they express their creativity through music, drama, and dance. Whether singing, acting, dancing, or playing an instrument, every student benefits from a world-class performing arts experience through our collaboration with The Juilliard School.
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Creativity flourishes at BSKL. We offer a multitude of clubs and activities – from robotics and coding to filmmaking and fashion design – that spark our students’ curiosity, challenge them to solve problems, and get them thinking outside the box.
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Languages and academic
We offer a variety of academic and linguistic activities, which boost our students’ skills in a range of areas. Your child can showcase their research, writing, and presentation talents at our TED X club or put their grey matter to the test at our competitive maths club. They’ll also have opportunities to learn French, Spanish, or Mandarin.
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Our families love to get involved in school life. Our enthusiastic parent reps organise fun social events throughout the year, like our Christmas Bazaar and Pink Day. As a school, we also run weekly activities for parents, including cookery classes and fitness sessions.
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Everything you need to know about life at BSKL, in one place.
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Parent Handbooks

Our parent handbooks contain useful information on the day-to-day running of the school.

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Bus service
Our bus service is a safe and reliable way for your child to get to school.
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House system
Our house system fosters a real sense of community spirit, bringing children together across the age groups.
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We prepare healthy, nutritious lunches every day, ensuring our students have the energy they need to learn.
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School uniform
Our uniform creates a shared identity among our students, engendering a sense of pride in the school.
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Parent app
You can follow your child’s learning journey – and get the latest school news – on the BSKL Parent App.
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School day
Every day is packed with stimulating learning experiences, which our teachers plan around a set timetable.
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You can find our latest policy documents here, which cover everything from attendance to safeguarding.
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Inspection report
We’re proud to be graded ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and you can read the report here.
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Visas and permissions
We welcome children and families from across the world – and you can check Malaysian visa requirements here.


  • What curriculum do you teach?

    We teach the English National Curriculum from pre-nursery through to sixth form. This comprises: 

    Early Years (ages 2-5): Early Years Foundation Stage.  

    Primary (ages 5-11): English National Curriculum.  

    Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14): English National Curriculum.  

    Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16): IGCSEs.   

    Sixth Form (ages 16-18): A-levels.

  • What foreign languages do you offer?
    We teach Mandarin and Spanish from pre-nursery to Year 6. At secondary, we offer Mandarin, Spanish, and French.
  • What trips and excursions do you run?

    Our students broaden their horizons on local, national, and international trips – including Nord Anglia expeditions to Tanzania and Switzerland – where they form lifelong friendships, grow in confidence, and develop a global perspective.

    Our early years and younger primary children enjoy days out every term. From Year 4, our students are encouraged to take part in three or four-night residentials. And at secondary, our students go on sport, music, drama, Model United Nations, and cultural trips, both at home and abroad.

  • What after-school activities do you offer?
    Our co-curricular clubs offer something for everyone, ensuring your child has the chance to do what they love. From creative writing and cooking to fencing and football, we run more than 100 activities that encourage students to showcase their talents and pursue new passions.
  • How will you help my child settle in?

    We know how important it is for your child to get off to a great start. Before their first day, we’ll invite them to an induction session, where they’ll get a feel for our school and have a look around.

    On their first day, your child will attend a welcome session with their teacher and spend time settling into class. They’ll also be allocated a ‘buddy’, a current student who will show them the ropes and make them feel at home. We also have a dedicated team of counsellors who ensure every child feels comfortable and cared for.

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Our world-class teachers are committed to every student’s personal and academic growth. Fostering a culture of happiness and aspiration, they’ll tailor learning to your child’s skills, passions, and ambitions, ensuring they go on to achieve great things.

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