At BSKL, we offer one of the most comprehensive music programmes in Malaysia. Here, we'll inspire and enable your child's talents to shine bright, as they take part in individual and group lessons, workshops, and concerts.
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Music has a central place in the curriculum at BSKL. Our programme enables students to develop an appreciation of and love for music, whilst simultaneously honing their skills. Throughout the year, a busy schedule of concerts and workshops provide opportunities to showcase our students' work and talent, both in school and the wider community.


Our instrumental programme

Whole-class instrumental music lessons provide every child with the opportunity to discover and learn an instrument. Individual lessons are also provided for children who wish to make faster progress in their chosen instrument. Your child will receive one hour of music in the curriculum and one hour of instrumental lessons per week.


Early years

Our children are introduced to music at an early age, through playing, singing, and moving. Each child also has the opportunity to play simple musical instruments. Our hands-on, practical approach teaches fundamental skills, such as rhythm and harmony.



From Years 2-6, all our children follow the Primary Instrumental Programme, designed to develop their understanding and appreciation of music. Each child’s musical experience is enhanced by learning to play an orchestral stringed instrument from Years 2-4 and a woodwind or brass instrument from Years 5-6.



Students in Years 7-9 receive one hour a week of instrumental tuition. This takes place in small groups and covers the whole range of orchestral and brass instruments. These lessons are taught by specialist tutors and further support the performance aspect of music at IGCSE and A-level.


Instrumental Scheme

Children with a passion for music are encouraged to take individual lessons once a week, on a rotational timetable, with one of our specialist teachers.


Primary and Secondary Instrumental Music Programmes (PIPS and SIPS)

BSKL offers a specialist music programme that gives Years 2-9 students the opportunity to explore the elementary and progressive foundations of music. These lessons are an integral part of the timetable and are in addition to curriculum music lessons.


Lessons include:


Years 2-4 have the choice of learning the violin, viola, or cello. 


Years 5-6 have the choice of learning the trumpet, trombone, French horn, tenor horn, euphonium, baritone, flute, clarinet, or saxophone. 


Years 7-9 have a choice of orchestral or band instruments.