We're delighted to invite students to apply for one of our prestigious Signature Scholarships. These are available to those with exceptional academic abilities, who are passionate about the arts or sports, or who are committed to our Round Square philosophies.
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At Regents International School Pattaya, you can apply for a scholarship by downloading and completing our online application form. Please read the criteria for each of the scholarships before you apply. 

Each Signature Scholarship has a particular focus on what we value as an international school, whether you're highly academic, an outstanding sports player, talented musician, demonstrate our Round Square values, or someone who lives and breathes our 'be ambitious' philosophy.

All scholarships are for a period of one year, except the prestigious Academic Excellence Scholarship, which is available for up to two years.

3 Stars: 100% Scholarship

2 Stars: 50% Scholarship

1 Star: 25% Scholarship

Junior: 5-20% Scholarship

Successful candidates must continue to achieve beyond their perceived limits and maintain a high level of engagement throughout the year to retain the scholarship.

There are a limited number of scholarships available each year. When an awarded scholarship comes to an end the student must re-apply.


our scholarships

We offer scholarships that span the academic, creative, and sports.
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The Regents Lion Scholarship
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The Performing Arts Scholarship
The Kurt Hahn Scholarship
Academic Excellence Scholarship
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Junior Scholarship

Step 1: The Application 

To get started, please download our application form. You'll need to provide a short summary of why you should be considered for the scholarship you've selected. We prefer the student to complete this statement but are happy for parents to fill in the form on behalf of younger children.

Candidates should write about themselves, their ambitions, why they feel they would benefit from the scholarship, and what they believe they can contribute to the school. The summary should highlight achievements directly related to the scholarship category.

The letter should be in English but should indicate if English is not the candidate’s first language.

Please submit copies of any supporting documents, such as certificates, awards, references, or previous school reports. 

You should send the application form and supporting documents to Susan Dineen.


Step 2: Scholarship Committee Review

The Scholarship Committee meets once a month to review applications.

Candidates may be invited to an interview with the Principal and members of the Scholarship Committee.

You may also be asked to provide additional supporting evidence.


Step 3: Scholarship Award

Candidates will be notified if their application has been successful - and the level of scholarship award they have been granted - during Term 3.