A broad spectrum of artistic opportunities gives every child the space, medium, and time to express themselves creatively.

A leading creative arts programme in Thailand

Our youngest children learn about the world around them in creative ways. After an initial exploration of materials and creative expressing in the early years, our primary-aged pupils formalise their artistic development by experimenting with different media in project work. By Key Stage 3 (Year 7), art is a distinct part of the school curriculum, and can be chosen as a subject at both IGCSE and sixth form.

Our aim at Regents is to inspire creativity, encourage our students to examine the world in close detail, make visual connections, generate new perspectives, learn technical skills, study the Great Masters, and investigate new and contemporary movements. We want our students to take risks and try out new things, to persist and develop ideas.

Students take great pride in their work, which is displayed throughout the school. The pinnacle is our highly-regarded annual International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition, which showcases the skill, inspiration, and determination of our highest-achieving artists.

Our art studios enable students to experiment with a wide range of techniques in both two and three dimensions. This includes drawing, charcoal, painting with watercolours and acrylics, plein air painting, marbling and ink painting techniques, spray painting, lino printing, mono printing, screen printing, and collage. Three dimensional sculpture is also popular, including working with wood and bamboo, wire, mod rock, papier-mâché, and plaster.


Your child’s learning journey will come to life beyond the classroom, as they embrace challenges, do what they love, and immerse themselves in new adventures.

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