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Regents is one of the leading boarding schools in Thailand. We offer a range of options to match individual student and family needs:
  • Flexible, occasional boarding for days, weeks, or months at a time – perfect if you’re travelling and don’t want to interrupt your child’s education.
  • Part-time boarding, where your child will live with us from Monday to Friday.
  • Full-time boarding, where your child will board at Regents in term time and go home for the holidays.
  • We also offer taster sessions, giving your child the opportunity to discover what it’s like to live at our school.
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I love boarding at Regents! There are so many benefits, including all the activities that keep us entertained. But most importantly, I feel like I have a second home and family.
Timea Winnepenninckx
Year 12 student


Why choose our boarding school in Thailand? As well as the exceptional day-to-day education your child will receive – where learning is tailored to their needs, strengths, and passions – we prioritise student happiness and wellbeing. Living with us also means that friendships, academic support, and exciting experiences are available every day.
  • Our experienced boarding parents – who live on site – create a safe, homely environment, where every aspect of your child’s health, development, and wellbeing will be looked after.
  • Our houses have 24/7 security – as well as an onsite nurse – and are located at the heart of our gated campus.
  • Your child will benefit from extra academic support outside of the typical school day, including prep time, revision opportunities, and additional tutoring.
  • Out-of-hours access to fantastic facilities – including our pools, gym, and music rooms – will give your child even more opportunities to do what they love.
  • Our weekend trips and activities enrich our boarders’ experience.
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Our family of boarders is a closeknit community, where every child feels safe, included, and inspired to learn.
Hay Zin
Year 10 student
“Living on campus is a great experience. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive, plus you get to make amazing friends that are there for you every day.”
Pierre Winnepenninckx
“My daughter has benefited from having more freedom and independence. She also has lots of opportunities to solve academic challenges, while feeling safe and secure in a structured environment.”
Vladimir Ivanov
Year 11 student 
“I really appreciate the sense of family that exists in our boarding community. I feel comfortable challenging myself, trying new things, and striving for success in academics and sports.”
Shayan Mohamed Ibrahim
Year 13 student 
“Regents has helped me become more independent. As a result, I’ve succeeded in my studies and grown in confidence. I also enjoy taking part in different activities that broaden my learning.”


Whether it’s taking the time to listen, guide, and offer advice, or providing expert academic help, our boarding team make sure each student receives the support they need to feel at home.
Laura Cook
Head of Girls’ Boarding
Laura has more than 15 years’ teaching and leadership experience in British and international schools. A qualified PE teacher, Laura has held Head of PE, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, and Head of Key Stage 3 positions. Now our Head of Girls’ Boarding, she ensures our students receive the holistic support, structure, and encouragement to grow and thrive.
Emma Jenkins
Head of Boys’ Boarding
Emma has held a variety of pastoral roles in the UK, the US, and Thailand, including boarding positions at prestigious schools in Oxford and Surrey in England. After joining Regents in 2018, Emma helped to establish a new junior boys’ boarding house. Weaving wellbeing into every aspect of our boarders’ experience, Emma ensures our students receive the best possible care, attention, and learning opportunities.
Darouny De Tore
Deputy Head of Girls' Boarding
Originally from Laos, Darouny joined Regents in 2006. Darouny has lived and worked in South Korea, the United States, and Japan, and holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. As Deputy Head of Girls' Boarding, she ensures our students have everything they need to succeed, both personally and academically.
Dean Barrick
House Parent
Before becoming a House Parent, Dean was a Director of Sport at schools in Warsaw and Bangkok. Dean’s role is to create a safe and comfortable environment for our students, providing the guidance and support they need to live successfully away from home. As a qualified sports coach, Dean also organises lots of our boarders’ co-curricular activities!
Sabai Kusonsong
House Parent
Sabai joined Regents in 2009 and has since assumed several roles – including Science Technician and Events and Excursions Coordinator – alongside her part-time position as House Parent. As House Parent, she supports our younger students with their homework, activities, and trips out, as well as being the welcoming face they see when they get home after a long day at school!
Chatpapha Leearee (Nink)
PA to the Head of Boarding
Nink provides expert support to the entire boarding team, as well as playing an important part in making sure our students feel at home. Nink also ensures the smooth day-to-day running of our boarding operations, administration, and events.


Our boarders benefit from a breadth of tailored experiences that enrich their academic learning and enable them to flourish and grow as people.
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A healthy start
A healthy breakfast in The Basement café is the ideal way to start the day. There are local, international, hot, and cold options to choose from, ensuring your child will get the fuel they need to learn.
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Personalised programmes
Every student’s day is different at Regents. Your child will follow a tailored journey to success, studying academic subjects and enjoying co-curricular activities that play to their strengths, passions, and future ambitions.
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Relax, recharge, and have fun
After a busy day of learning, it’s time for some downtime. Our students can play a board game, do a puzzle, enjoy a game of table tennis, play chess, or even try their hand at baking.
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Expert academic support
One of the many benefits of boarding is the extra hour of academic prep time our students enjoy. Guided by experienced teachers, our residents stay on top of their homework, coursework, and study goals.
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After dinner activities
After a balanced dinner, there’s time for more activities. Crafting with friends, making music, getting active, or simply socialising – it’s completely up to each child. We also hold regular house get-togethers to share news and celebrate success.
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Lights out
Our residential students head to their rooms and prepare for ‘lights out’. It's important to get a proper rest so our boarders – with the exception of our sixth form students – have a set bedtime. Devices are handed in so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.


At Regents, learning comes alive beyond the classroom. Here, your child will have every opportunity to do what they love, discover new passions, and experience a sense of adventure. Our programme of weekend activities and trips has something for everyone, from visiting a local elephant sanctuary to watersports and go-karting.
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Our fees reflect the truly personalised experience your child will receive at our school. Safe, included, and inspired, our students enjoy expert academic support, exhilarating experiences, and the care they need to succeed.
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We’re delighted you’re considering boarding at Regents. Our admissions process is tailored to your family’s needs and schedule – and our dedicated team will help you every step of the way.
  • Get in touch with us today – fill in our short online enquiry form.
  • Come and see us in Pattaya – or book a virtual tour.
  • Send us your application form.
  • We’ll invite your child to an assessment and interview with our boarding house parents.
  • All being well, we’ll offer them a place.
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  • Outside of the school day and the various activities you offer, will my child have any free time?
    Yes, of course. We love choice at Regents, and encourage each student to decide which, if any, weekend and after-school opportunities are right for them. Some may decide to take part in one of our sporting programmes; others may prefer to spend time studying or playing board games with friends. Whatever their passions, we’ll actively encourage your child to get involved, as this is the best way to make friends and settle into school life.
  • What meals will my child eat?
    In The Basement café, our boarders enjoy healthy, freshly prepared breakfasts and dinners every day. Lunchtimes are spent with our day students.
  • Will my child get homesick?
    We know that every child is likely to miss their family at some point. It’s normal to feel homesick, but experience tells us this feeling usually subsides as our students get increasingly involved in school life. Our boarding parents will make sure your child is supported every step of the way.
  • Do students have to board at Regents full-time?
    No, we offer three different options: occasional, part-time, and full-time boarding. We also offer taster sessions, which give students the chance to experience life as a resident.
  • How can I follow my child’s progress?
    You’ll receive termly reports outlining how your child is getting on. We’ll also invite you to parent meetings with our teachers. You can speak to our boarding house parents, too, who are happy to give you an update, answer questions, or discuss any concerns.
  • Will my child have a roommate?
    Our students sleep in single, double, or triple rooms. Typically, our sixth form students are allocated single rooms, so they have a quiet place to study. Roommates are selected based on age and interests.


Get a sense of what it’s like to live at Regents – and see how your child will immediately fit in to our friendly international community – by booking a tour of our campus today.

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