We encourage a lifelong love of movement and music through our broad range of dance programmes, enriched by our exclusive collaboration with The Juilliard School. 

Dance at Regents International School Pattaya

From an early age, we encourage a love of movement and music through our collaboration with The Juilliard School. This includes a range of programmes, projects, and co-curricular activities.

Our primary ballet club develops our students’ coordination, balance, and flexibility, while our fun-packed Zumba classes are full of noise and laughter. We also introduce our students to jazz, modern, and contemporary dance, as well as traditional Thai styles.



Regional Dance Project ‘Dance Unites’



‘Dance Unites’ brought students together across Nord Anglia schools in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Led by our resident dance specialist, students explored commercial choreography in response to a set hip-hop track. Students created their own choreography and worked with dance teachers to collaboratively develop their material. This was then filmed and edited to create a final video.


‘The Heather Hansen Project’



Students took part in a collaborative project fusing movement with art, exploring the concept of performance art with reference to the artist Heather Hansen, who creates kinetic art on large canvases. She imprints her body into the canvas by performing a series of repetitive movements to create organic forms full of motion and dynamic energy.

Students echoed the same processes used by the artist:

The workshops also formed part of our IBDP students' art projects, widening their knowledge of mixed medium projects.


Uliana's Solo Performance



Uliana's solo performance was choreographed by our very own dance specialist at Regents. "Uliana has solid technical training in dance, but she was struggling to find her own sense of expression and performance presence. I worked with her to find a greater connection with the movement and music. She has started to transform herself in to a truly three dimensional performer."


Treat Myself



Dance teaches our students that being unique is better than being perfect. The greatest performers are not always made of their technique but of their passion. We're so proud of our students who worked together to overcome their nerves and perform with commitment and confidence.


Your child’s learning journey will come to life beyond the classroom, as they embrace challenges, do what they love, and immerse themselves in new adventures.

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