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31 October, 2018

Sports Updates | Regents Lions

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Sports Updates | Regents Lions

Regents International School Pattaya has an active Sports Department that strives for success. Over October there have been a number of events taking place, here is an update on how our students got on. 

Sports Updates | Regents Lions Keep up to date with Regents International School Pattaya Sports department - Regents Lions

Regents International School Pattaya has an active Sports Department that strives for success. Over October there have been a number of events taking place, here is an update on how our students got on. 

Thailand Kids Golf Championship 2018

Niko, Year 9, took part in the Thailand Kids Golf Championship 2018 at the Royal Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Khao Yai. He cam home the winner in his class making his family and all of us at Regents extremely proud. 


FOBISIA U15 Games Phuket

Our students are 3 days into the competition and already have incredible acheivements to report. 


From the very first race in the pool to the last race in Athletics, Regents started the first day how they ended it; on the podium! 

With 8 schools in contention for medals, our swimmers and athletes produced their best performances to challenge in each and every one of the events. All athletes pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, not only earning points for the team but more importantly, achieving lots of new personal bests. 


Swimming Medals: 3 Silver, 4 Bronze 

Athletics Medals: 6 Gold, 11 Silver and 11 Bronze 



What a day of sport!!!
Drawn in the hardest group of the Basketball tournament, Regents Lions stormed to a win in both their opening games. Knowing a win would secure a place in the semi finals, we started slowly and found ourselves losing at half time. Lead by captain Seb, the players rallied together and produced a hard fought victory. Semi finals here we go! 
Intimidated by a physically bigger team, it was a tough start against our name sake school from Bangkok. After trailing for the first 3 quarters, again the Lions displayed courageous spirit and fought back in the the fourth and final quarter. The boys had got within one point margin and with the final play of the game, agonisingly missed a well worked move and unfortunately therefore lost by one basket. Despite this tough loss the boys had to pick themselves up and play one more game to finalise the 3rd and 4th positions. Despite the final being played at the same time, the end to end spectacular of the play-off game drew more of a crowd  who were all on the edge of their seats. Another fighting display saw the boys tie the game thanks to a cool headed free throw point from JJ taking the game into over-time. We had 2 minutes to secure third place, in the end a well worked offence from the other team to escape our full court press was enough to secure victory for the other school. 
Despite the agonising loss, each and everyone one of our lions played as a team and produced some of their best basketball of the season. Well done boys your effort and determination was brilliant. Thanks to Mr Bleasdale of coaching them. 

6 wins from 6 in the Girls Football was how the lionesses finished the day!! 
We finally have our hands on a well deserved Gold Trophy! 
The girls were fantastic from start to finish. They looked comfortable on the ball, worked so well in the positions and performed some fantastic link up plays. It was the best football we have seen them play! 
Hannah and Manon spent the day fighting it out for the golden boot award with Hannah just pipping Manon for 5 goals to 4. 
This was Anaya’s first tournament as our goalie and she was amazing. 6 games and she didn’t let a single one passed her. Ensuring she won the golden glove award. 
Izzy, Lucy and McKenzie were solid in defence, and Sacha, Satoe, Vicky and Young Seo were brilliant in midfield. They provided a solid line of defence when necessary and supported and assisted with clinical passes to our strikers. 
What an amazing performance by our lionesses! 

Regents Lions are now competing for medals on the final day of the games. Stay tuned to our social media chennls for more updates. 



The U15 team have had an amazing tournament! Today concluded with the girls basketball and boys football. 

The Lions once again dominated their opening matches. The boys were undefeated in their opening 3 games, which ensured they made it through unbeaten to the semi-finals. 

Despite going 1 - 0 up, the Lions faced outstanding opposition who's creative play and slick passing just proved too strong for our courageous Lions, and we ended up in the 3rd and forth play offs. 

With team spirit high and determined to win the bronze medals, the Lions roared to victory and claimed those well deserved medals.  


The Lionesses again secured an opening game victory and used this momentum to carry tired legs through 6 more games of basketball. 

With a small dip in form and self belief, the lionesses lost their next game (to the eventual winners), so they regrouped, refocused and used amazing team spirit to fight back and claim their silver medals. 

The girls played fantastic defense and counter attacked teams on the break. 

So overall a fantastic final day for both the Lions and Lionesses

A huge thank you to all their coaches and teachers for all your support 

Now for the disco......


Banbueng Swimming Championship
On Saturday 27th October, Regents Pattaya Swimmers took part in the Banbueng Swimming Championships, winning many events and securing lots of personal best times. Overall, our swim team finished in 12th place out of a total of over 40 teams. A great achievement when swimming against many large teams and clubs from across Thailand.

Go Regents!