02 November, 2023

The IPC at Regents - ensuring key skills and knowledge are met while encouraging a global mindset

The IPC at Regents - ensuring key skills and knowledge are met while encouraging a global mindset

In Years 1 to 6 at Regents International School Pattaya, the high standards and benchmarks of the English National Curriculum  provide the key literacy and numeracy skills children need for success. Alongside this ‘core’ curriculum, we also teach the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a highly respected and internationally recognised programme that provides a cross-curricular, thematic structure for learning.



Do you teach ‘subjects’ in the IPC?

Subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art and DesignTechnology are taught, with objectives that meet or in many cases, exceed those of other curricula. In addition, Health and Wellbeing is treated as a standalone subject, and its objectives are taught as part of our ‘Growing Minds’ lessons. These subjects are all taught through ‘themes’ or units of work, carefully selected by our teachers to ensure key knowledge and skills are covered throughout the children’s time at school. Although learning takes place from different subject ‘viewpoints’, we know that in real life, knowledge, skills and understanding do not stay neatly packed under subject umbrellas. The cross curricular approach in the IPC allows children to make these connections themselves.


“Through the last Year 6 unit, children were ‘historians’ and learned about the history of home and host countries and how they might have worked together in the past. Then, as ‘geographers’ they found out similarities and differences between the countries, whether they have been in the news and how issues such as natural disasters have impacted them in different ways. This is a good example of how children are able to explore and make these connections” said Ms Sara Berenguer, Assistant Head of Primary.



What is international about the IPC?

As we prepare Regents children for life and work in an increasingly interconnected world and communities, a sensibility towards similarities and differences between people and cultures is a critical element of the IPC that we use in different subject units to enhance learning.


Through the ‘The Holiday Show’ unit in Year 5 for instance, children learn about the geographical and historical aspects of mass tourism but also its role in reinforcing cultural stereotypes and assumptions.


Whilst many curricula are purely knowledge based, our children are not only developed academically, but are encouraged through the IPC to be globally minded and socially conscious which is clearly demonstrated through ‘The Holiday Show’ unit.” Ms. Sara Berenguer, Assistant Head of Primary.


Through the ‘Saving the Rainforest’ theme in Year 4, the children acquire key scientific knowledge about biosystems and habitats whilst encouraged to look at the ethical and ecological impact of its destruction from different perspectives; from those of the indigenous forest dwellers to the prospectors.


The units of work make explicit links with the Sustainable Development Goals so that children are aware of their importance. The IPC’s emphasis on global competence is designed to inspire and motivate children to  positively contribute to change.