Your child will quickly settle into our friendly community, supported by a buddy who will show them around and make them feel at home.
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What is our buddy system like in secondary school?

At secondary, our student ambassadors typically act as buddies for new students. Each form class has two student ambassadors who are appointed at the beginning of the school year.


What do student ambassadors do?

Student ambassadors show new students around school, connect with them on Microsoft Teams, and are generally there to chat and answer any questions. They'll make sure new students are involved socially at breaktime, and help them integrate into new friendship groups.

"This is my first time being a buddy and it’s been great. I feel it’s important to help a new student settle in and feel welcome by showing him around school, being a friend, and introducing him to other students. It’s been a pleasure being Francois’ buddy!" - Yang, Year 9 buddy

"Yang helped me settle in and introduced me to other students as well as a group of friends. I’ve felt welcomed from the start, thanks to Yang!" - Francois, Year 9 student


What is the buddy system like in primary school?

At primary, buddies help new children settle in during their first week (or until they've made their own friendships). They'll show them around, support them with translations, play with them at breaktimes, sit near them in class, and show them what to do at lunch.


How are buddies selected?

Buddies are selected on gender, nationality, and behaviour. We try to match children who have similar interests or, when we meet the new student at the interview, think about who would be a good fit for them. Sometimes, more than one person will be a buddy, as there may be a group of friends who would like to take on this important role.

Samihta joined Regents in Year 6 and thinks it's very fun and cool to have Pondpinan as her buddy.

"Pondpinan showed me around school when it reopened and helped me settle in quickly. I feel lucky that I got a buddy from the start since it is a new friend when other things can be a bit scary. Pondpinan is a really good buddy and all schools should use buddies to welcome new students." - Samihta, Year 6 student

"I’ve been a buddy many times, maybe eight now, and I really enjoy it. It’s important to show the new student around school and remind them where they can find the library or the Oval. Our campus is very big and they might forget how to find their way around! - Pondpinan, Year 6 buddy