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How to Keep Children Motivated

When learning online, it is important to keep things as close to a normal school timetable as possible. This could start with a regular getting up time. It needn’t be very early. Set a time and then stick to it. 

A visual timetable can be a way to help children see the day ahead. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Some basic symbols that depict topics are fine. Draw or place them in a linear fashion to represent each day, and note the times these activities will take place, making note of snack and lunch breaks.



Every child loves to receive rewards. When tasks are completed, a reward is much needed and very undervalued. A simple chart for each day sometimes helps children see their progress each day in small steps. Day by day, if a child sees what they have achieved with a visual prompt, it helps morale and encourages further progress.
Stickers are always popular with children, but if these are not available, a simple positive symbol of a success achieved is fine, such as drawing a smiley face, a tick or a star.

Throughout the day


Children will be receiving a variety of lessons throughout their day. However, it is important that they receive other important guidance.

First of all, children need a good sleep pattern. Try to limit children’s’ use of electronic devices during the evening and encourage an early bedtime on school days.
Brain food snacks will also encourage good learning. Providing foods such as fresh/dried fruit, vegetables and nuts will help children to stay awake and focused.
It is also important to have family time. This could be an incentive at the end of a days’ work.
* Creating a diary at the end of each day can be a good way to affirm the days’ activities. Alternatively, drawing a picture about what is good about life or about what children would like to happen when they get to see friends again is a way to enforce positive thinking.


A really good way to stay focused and positive is this:

Make a chart of these five wellbeing targets.
If you can tick more than three a day you’re doing well and looking after your mental health. This works for both children and adults.
* Giving can be as simple as saying hello to someone or opening a door for another. Giving your time to another person makes you feel better. Even asking someone else if they feel ok or need anything is giving.

* Connecting is easy. A smile, a wave or greeting to anyone whether you know them or not is making a connection. Anything that involves a two-way interaction between two people can be a beneficial communication.

* Being active can involve anything from running up and down stairs to engaging in a proper work out online. Even throwing a ball against a wall and catching it can be a useful tool to not only keep active but retune the mind. 

* Taking notice means being aware of our surroundings. Sometimes we are too caught up in learning or working and don’t appreciate what is right in front of us. Take time to admire the weather, the trees and plants round you. Sit in the sun and take some deep breaths, listen to bird song. Anything that reminds you that you are here in the moment is good.

* Keeping learning is challenging. But you never stop learning. Even watching the news or reading something new can help to improve your knowledge. If you see something outside that puzzles you, look it up. If you have ever wondered why sometimes the moon is brighter than normal, take time to learn about it.