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The Nord Anglia Education Warsaw tournament

Ms Earey shares with us a very comprehensive report about the Nord Anglia Education tournament held in Warsaw on 10th - 11th May and brings her insights about the team.
  • BISB team at Nord Anglia Education Warsaw Tournament in May 2014


On Friday 11th May our Key Stage 3 Girls started their Nord Anglia Education Tournament campaign with Football. The impressive enthusiasm and commitment to clubs meant that we had two Key stage 3 girls’ teams representing the school.

If you may think the girls would have a sleepy start to the tournament after an 11 hour coach journey then think again. Bratislava 2 started with a well-earned victory against Warsaw. Some fine goal keeping from Sashi and a great tap in by Jana secured the win.

Bratislava 1 started against Prague and played superbly and only a bizarre rebound from our goal kick off a Prague players shoulder divided the teams and an unfortunate 1-0 loss. Our two teams then suffered a couple of defeats by small margins of 1-0, 2-0 against Warsaw and Champittet. There were moments of frustration and emotions were running high. It was evident how much this tournament meant to them and particularly as some of them knew this would be their last. Luck unfortunately was not on their side and they certainly deserved more from their results.

This was the moment where the girls had to show their strength of character and remain focused on the matches ahead…which they certainly did do.

The surreal moment where our two teams had to play each other; however, this seemed to come at exactly the right time. The game relaxed both teams and it was the best I had seen them play all tournament; the goals came flooding in! A goal each for Ester, Indira and Elise and a win for Bratislava 1. As a result Bratislava 1 went into their last match against Warsaw 2 with far more confidence and gained another fantastic victory with goals from Klara and Indira.

Overall Bratislava 1 finished 5th and Bratislava 2 6th. Although not the placing we had all hoped for, there was a tremendous effort from both teams. We are looking forward to next year and confident we can improve!


Yet again BISB entered two teams for the Key Stage 3 Netball tournament and it was another early start for Bratislava 2. Unfortunately it showed in the early stages of the match going 3-0 down rather quickly. Then the rest of the BISB squad did what they do best and got behind the Bratislava 2 team; cheers and chants so loud you could hardly hear the referee’s whistle. The atmosphere was electric in the Sports Hall. As a result Bratislava 2 responded brilliantly with great shots from Sashi and Patricia meant we won the second half and a narrow loss of 6-5. Bratislava 1 and 2 did face similar troubles to their football tournament and suffered a few defeats. Similarly they played their best netball against each other and Bratislava 1 gained their first victory. The Netball tournament finished exactly the same way as the football tournament with Bratislava 1 playing a superb last game with a well-deserved victory against Warsaw and great shooting from Barbora and Lauren.

Overall I am so pleased we managed to take 20 Key stage 3 Girls to Warsaw and provide them with the opportunity to experience a Nord Anglia Education Tournament. Netball is a relatively new sport to BISB and I am really looking forward to building on our already impressive progress in this sport next year.

A few words about the squad


Klara – Gives nothing less than 110% effort and energy. Excellent defending throughout the netball tournament. I’m sure she would be an asset to any senior team next year.

Hoda – Made a great Netball captain and led by example. Gave 100% every game and it was evident what this tournament meant to her. Came on leaps and bounds during the football tournament and cemented her position as defender.

Chiara – Claimed that Netball was ‘not her thing’ but she made an excellent Goal Defence. Some excellent interceptions demonstrating how well she read the game. A very valuable member of the football team. 

Ester – Again claimed football was ‘not her thing’ but scored a great goal and defended exceptionally well. Excellent defensive line in Netball. Herself and Klara work extremely well together.

Indy – One of the babies of the squad but certainly didn’t act like one. Gave everything she had to every match in football and netball. Superb netball player and looking forward to seeing her progress even further next year.

Lauren – Made a huge impact on the Netball team. Excellent goal scoring and movement into the circle. Willing to play anywhere on the football pitch that would help her team. 100% effort every time. (very glad your penalty shot counted in netball!).

Elise – Very valuable and versatile player. Looked dangerous upfront and solid in defence on the football pitch. Gathered confidence in Netball. Could be an excellent defence addition next year.

Emma K – Made an excellent football debut! She never stopped running…a superb midfield player and an excellent centre piece to the team. Such as shame about her injury the next day. Would have been an excellent addition to the Netball team.

Indira – One of our babies of the team. Tremendous footballer; excellent skill level and a pleasure to watch. At one stage had everyone but the goalie from the opposition marking her. Found her position as a wing in netball.

Barbora S – Superb movement as shooter and accurate throughout the tournament under huge amounts of pressure. Gave 100% every game and a very reliable player. One to watch next year.

Kristine – A versatile player in both football and netball. 100% every match. Has a wonderful and powerful throw and looking forward to seeing her in wing positions next year.

Jana – Another youngster of the squad. So enthusiastic and eager to play would have played anywhere and everywhere for the sake of the team. A great team player.

Silvia – A baby of the team. So enthusiastic about being part of the squad and started to show real prospect upfront in football. Held her position well as WD in netball.

Patricia – Invited to attend the tournament and she didn’t disappoint. Played well upfront in football despite an injury and had to play against tough opposition in netball. She coped extremely well and should consider club next year as a shooter.

Marie – Takes on board advice and willing to implement ideas into a game. Excellent defender in football. Made real progress in her netball ability. Looking forward to her commitment to clubs again next year.

Anne-Sophie – Another youngster of the squad. Eager to play and help the team. Showed excellent progress in football. Really looking forward to seeing her development in netball next year.

Sashi – A young member of the squad and a hidden gem as a goal keeper. Demonstrated a really mature and composed side of her character this weekend which was a pleasure to witness. Took on positions of responsibility willingly.

Emilia – A superb and versatile footballer. She played in attack, defence along with excellent goal keeping to. Made a real impact as centre in netball and made huge progress in this sport.

Nadine – Made an excellent right back at football. Willing to play in goal & was excellent. Looking forward to seeing her attend football club next year.


Prepared by Alicia Earey

PE teacher



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