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    Na našej škole máme študentov z viac než 50 rôznych krajín čo nás skutočne robí medzinárodnou rodinou.

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UK National Poetry Day, Thursday 8th October

Years 7, 8 and 9 celebrated marked this event by writing and displaying poems of their own on the theme of ‘light’, before performing them in a poetry slam competition.
Each year group gathered together in the library and were placed with students from different English classes. In these groups, they performed their poems for each other and then selected the best to go forward to the final round. The finalists performed in front of the year group and the assembled panel of expert judges.

  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Poetry Day

There was some wonderfully imaginative poetry on show. The judges were particularly struck by the range of images, situations and emotions which the poems took us through. There were some impressively vivid and detailed descriptions of places such as lighthouses, oceans, forests and night skies, but also some highly intriguing stories.
Mr Young

Winners and runners up:
Year 7
1st Jakub Fegyveres
2nd - Michael Popov
3rd - Anna Felappi

Year 8
1. Filip Baranec
2. Grigorij Kuznetsov
3. Thomas Keyes

Year 9
1. Tadakazu Egawa
2. Daniel Mistrik
3. Joao Maria Pereira


Jakob Fegyeveres

The beautiful lady (Candle light) by Jakub Fegyveres (Y7)

Oh that beautiful lady,
If you see her you're not going to bed,
Until she has 'gone out'.
So elegantly she dances,
Her coat the color of gold,
She is going to warm you,
Even in the bitter cold.
If you touch her when she is out,
You shall experience the most magnificent silky texture.
On the other hand,
If you dare touch her while her dance she performs,
The feeling you are about to get,
Is that of boiling wax.
She attracts many men's gazes,
As they swarm around her.
But after she passes out,
No one spares a thought for her.
She shall only reappear,
After the sun has given up power.


Filip Baranec

The Lord Of Light by Filip Baranec (Y8)

Light, reflected off the Dwarven gold,
It’s what I’ve heard of from someone both young and old.
It’s what keeps the undead wights away,
But the Light has started fading from the day.

The Light of Life came from the Seven Stars,
Which shine no more, but shone from afar.
We lived a Golden Age then, free of death,
And the Dragon War was over, to distant lands gone, dragonbreath.

But we came to grow too safe and accustomed to the peace,
And the Darkness came, winning the Chess game piece by piece.
We were swept away like leaves before a storm,
And the World began to lose its shape and form.

This Falling of the Light has happened before,
And the Light Mage can help us once more.
We must seek help and call upon the Lord of Light,
Or the World will fall into eternal night.


Tadakazu Egawa

Precious Light in a Jar by Tadakazu Egawa (Y9)

Outside in pitch black
Little glowing fireflies
Are millions of sparkly
Stars in the night sky

Running and chasing after them
I catch them into my jar
And I hold a precious source of light
Near and deeply into my heart

I already know
That their light will die out
And all there will be
Is my depression and fear

So goodbye luminous bugs
Brighten up the dark night
Make us happily wonder
With your wondrous sight

And don’t forget that
You are not just a tiny
Helpless innocent creature
But you are our beautiful
And precious Source of light