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Year 3 and Otzi

This week, Year 3 have been travelling back to the past to learn about ancient civilizations that once lived. We started by exploring Lucy. Her remains were discovered in Ethiopia in Africa and she is thought to be the first human on earth. She lived 3.5 million years ago.  We looked at similarities and differences between her and nowadays humans, and discovered that although she had a hairier body, her facial features were very similar and she was able to walk around on two legs. However, she lived in a tree whilst we live in houses!  We then made a startling discovery in 3A… a skeleton!!!

Otzi was an ice man, originally discovered in the Alps in Italy and was a stone age hunter. We used picture sources and clues to find out about his life. We discovered:
* He was shot in the shoulder by a sharp arrowhead, maybe his enemy from a rival tribe shot him. (Sara & Seungyeon)
* Otzi ate bloody meat, bread and herbs. (Maxim)
* Otzi wore a goat-hide coat to keep him warm, he also wore leggings and a belt made out of cow-skin. (Talya & Artemii)
* He put hay in his shoes, possibly to keep his toes warm and his feet comfortable. (3C)
* Otzi had a crack in his skull, we think that he fell on a hard sharp rock when he got shot by the arrow. (Jasmine)
We used our knowledge of this person to write about his last day. To improve our Year 3 writing we tried really hard to use adjectives, adverbs and connectives to provide thoughtful detail for our reader, and we started to write in paragraphs.

  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi
  • Otzi

WALT: Write about Otzi’s last day

The first day I went out of my dark, deep, stony cave I went to hunt my breakfast.  I put on my cow-skin leggings and shoes filled with hey, and my strong waterproof goat hide coat and warm furry hat. I also put on my belt made out of cow skin and my pouch filled with flint to make a nice cosy fire.
I marched up the mountain and my friend was going to shoot a deer but I was in the way and he shot me in the shoulder. I had a sore hand was still bleeding badly.  I fell down and my friend said “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that!” and he started to be so sad and cry.  I was dying…
By Jasmine Owen

Waking up it was still dark I got out of the soft bed. I was very hungry so I went outside but before that I put on my shoes filed up with hey so they were warmer. Also I put on my coat. I was so hungry so I went outside to get my delicious breakfast. When I ate I was still hungry so I went up the hill.
I saw the big green trees. It was hard to walk up the hill.  I saw something as quick as a flash something was running behind me….!
“ATAAK!!” shouted his angry enemy. He shot an arrow in my shoulder. “OW my shoulder!!!!” the enemy chopped the old heavy tree! 
“Ow my head oh I even cracked my shoulder” I took my last breath and I died.
By Kristina Karpova

When I woke up, it was a cold damp day. I quickly pulled on my goat hide leggings, then put on my bearskin shoes with hay inside them.  Then I put on my cap. I ate my breakfast which was bread, meat and herbs in my dark and dusty cave.  Then I collected my axe and set off.
When I was walking up the mountains the birds were singing beautifully, I also saw a fox hiding from me. I was looking for some more food because I was still hungry so I killed a deer and ate it.
After that everything went quiet… “ATTACK!!!” One man from a rival tribe shot me in the shoulder!  “Ow!” I yelled.  I was stumbling to a cliff. I tripped and fell off the cliff… I fell on thick ice and cracked my skull.  I saw blood on my finger… I had one last breath.  I died.
By Maxim Mateas

Waking up, I quickly dressed up into my bear-fur cap, my coat and my warm leggings.  Dashing outside I took my sharp, pointy arrows too.  The weather was extremely cold.  My home was made out of hard rocks but it was very hot because I made a warm fire.
Walking up the mountain I was about to shoot a wily mammoth but just then my horrible rival came and shot me meanly in the shoulder with his arrow.
Falling down on the rocks I cracked my skull “Wooooch!” I shouted.  I noticed that blood was dripping on the sharp rock!  I was about to die!
By Talya Arbiv