Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
13 October, 2016

International Day 2016

International Day 2016
International Day 2016 Today the St. Andrews International School community came together for International Day, in celebration of the amazing range of cultures and nationalities that make up our school.

Today the St. Andrews International School community came together for International Day to celebrate the amazing diversity of cultures and nationalities that make up our school. Students, parents, teachers and staff lit up the campus as they arrived this morning proudly wearing clothes representing their home countries.




The school was a riot of colour and the attention to detail in people's costumes was incredible. Elegant Japanese kimonos and beautiful traditional costumes from across Thailand mingled with USA cowboys, students in traditional Dutch outfits - complete with wooden clogs - and even a couple of British Beefeaters. A giant Lego man was spotted (representing Denmark), as was a tiny moose accompanying a Canadian. Bright Indian outfits glittered from all corners of the campus and characters from the Belgian 'Adventures of Tintin' even made an appearance. So many amazing outfits were on display it would be impossible to mention them all. Thank you to all who contributed to the carnival atmosphere on our campus today.


Special Assemblies & Parades


While our High School students started the day with a quiz, our Primary School excitedly made its way to the hall for assembly. Following a proud waving of national flags by the flag bearers, we were treated to dance performances from around the world. The show began with an enthusiastic Indian dance, followed by a pretty international ballet by Year 1 students. An excellent fusion dance followed, before another fun Indian performance from Year 5 and a lively Israeli dance. We were treated to a spicy South American salsa and finally an Irish dance, transporting us to the Emerald Isle with a gentle start giving way to a fast-footed jig.

Meanwhile our Foundation Stage gathered for assemblies in their shared areas. Our youngest students had a lot of fun performing special dances for their parents and friends wearing their fantastic international outfits. Well done to all performers!

The sun came out just in time for the Primary and High School parades. Gathered around their countries' flags, our High School processed into the hall country by country. It was great to see so many - 44! - different countries represented in the parade.

The High School assembly enjoyed a funky Indian performance, a crowd-pleasing Israeli dance and an enchanting display from the Philippines. An entertaining Bollywood-style dance came later, before more South American salsa and a beautiful traditional Indian dance solo by Princess. The upbeat Irish finale left everyone feeling excited for the activities to come, not to mention the delectable international food hall...


International Food Hall


After a busy morning of activities, the school was treated to an absolutely delicious international food hall organised by the St. Andrews' Parent-Teacher Group (PTG). The quality and variety (not to mention, quantity!) of the food we enjoyed was incredible - German breads, Greek falafel, curries from India, Korean kimchi, a full British roast dinner and apple crumble, Swedish meatballs, Italian lasagna, New Zealand ice cream, Japanese sushi... Needless to say we were utterly spoiled and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their lunch. The friendly atmosphere and smiling faces at every stand were a joy and this event further strengthened the community of parents, teachers, students and staff. A huge thank you to all who contributed and made the food hall a resounding success.

What a fabulous way to finish our first half term!