12 December, 2022

Head's Lines

World Soil day, Christmas Festivities and The Friday Night Game

World Soil day

Last Friday was World Soil Day. Khroo Kitty and a group of dedicated students invited Ajarn Noke, Mr Roo and myself to the High School to commemorate this day by planting two trees by the Spirit House there.

A Student’s Reflections on World Soil Day

World Soil Day is a day when we as a community divert our attention to the importance of healthy soil and understand how crucial healthy soil is to us. Healthy soil gives us big beautiful trees (which provide us with our oxygen and helps to rid our air of CO2), and fresh yummy food. It falls on the 5th of December of every year in honour of King Rama 9 who officially sanctioned the event. King Rama 9 was said to be a very “down to earth man” who travelled to the remotest areas of Thailand and sat on the ground with farmers and villagers to listen to their issues and provide solutions by launching more than 4,000 sustainable development projects. Because of this we celebrate World Soil Day on his birthday, the 5th of December every year. Now people all over the world celebrate this day along with our school which truly sees the importance of healthy soil. During the years we have had a new soil campaign to focus on such as: stopping soil erosion, stopping the soil pollution and this year's focus on food grown from soil. 

We as a Thai class participated in celebrating World Soil Day by doing things like :Planting a Golden Shower TreeTraditional Rice GrindingMaking compost out of krathongsMaking posters to raise awareness within the STA community And all of the activities we participated in helped us to realise the importance of soil since good and healthy soil is crucial to make the plants grow healthy and strong. 

Planting a Golden Shower Tree

Along with learning the ‘boran’ or traditional process of making rice, we planted a Golden Shower Tree (ต้นราชพฤกษ์) in our Thai class. We received the seeds from Asian Herb In Space project which are the same seeds as the ones being tested in space! The reason we planted the Golden Shower Tree is because it is the national flower of Thailand, as the bright yellow represents both Buddhism and King Rama 9. These flowers are used for many important festivals. For example the yellow flowers are used to decorate, and temples all around Thailand use the plant to splash water on Buddha statues and fellow Thais during the Songkran Festival. People also use the plant to pray. We had previously planted the seeds last year, and now that the plants have grown, we were able to repot the grown plants into a new location which is near our school's spirit house! We were very fortunate to come together as a community to learn more about the importance of the Golden Shower Tree and learn about the growing process. 

Khroo Kitty’s Year 9 Thai class and Miss Kiyomi’s Year 8 Japanese class came together to use the compost previously made by students to help the plants grow into the beautiful golden shower trees. The compost was made from recycled things all over our school and is completely eco friendly. We used leftover eggshells from the canteen and leaves from the making of krathongs on Loy Krathong Day. Then we all helped plant the tree into the healthy soil (with our compost) which is now ready to grow some more! While we were re planting the plants we were also accompanied by Mr Paul, Khroo Noke and Mr. Roo who were very helpful throughout the whole process. 

 Year 9 Thai class

Moreover, in our Thai lesson we got to experience how much effort it takes to harvest a grain of rice. Firstly, the rice was collected, and after that we were able to take that rice to pound in a mortar (ครก) to separate the peel from the grain. Following that, we had to hand separate the peel and collect the grains of rice. We then were able to see how much work it took just to get one grain of rice and the value the grain of rice had. This method was used by the farmers all throughout Thailand and still to this day there are still some people using this method. 

Now there are new technologies like tractors, rice transplanters etc. which help farmers work more efficiently. We have learned a lot and now value rice much more as we know the amount of work and effort that the farmers put into getting the rice for us!


By Pearl 9a and Kirpa 9e


Christmas Festivities

Last week was filled with Christmas celebrations as we had Year 3 and Year 4 music in the Sports Hall and the Year 5 Christmas Music Concert in the Theatre at High School. These were all excellent events with some fantastic singing and musical performances from members of each year group. It certainly has given everyone a nice Christmas lift as we look to the final week of this long term, as well as the Christmas Fairs and Year 6 and High School Music Celebrations throughout the week.


 Christmas Festivities

Last Friday there was a great performance by the High School Strings Ensemble to welcome everyone to “Festive Friday” with many students, teachers and admin staff dressed in all sorts of Christmas clothes. Breaktime was especially great with a whole school Christmas sing along led by students and teachers in the Atrium.

 Festive Friday

I know that everyone at the Primary School is hoping Santa will make an early appearance before the end of term.The invitations have already been sent but we are all waiting for him to show himself.

The Friday Night Game

The Friday Night Game

The Primary dance teams and the girls and boys basketballers all descended upon the High School Sports Hall with their parents for the Friday Night Game event. It was a really great atmosphere with Mr Damon leading the show, and all the dance teams strutting their stuff for the large audience in attendance. The basketball games and competitions were fast and furious with some very skillful play on display. It was clear to see that everyone from spectators to participants enjoyed the evening's festival of dance and sport.


The Friday Night Game

Exciting upgrades to our Primary School campus

This term has certainly flown by, and it’s been fantastic to be back on school grounds and offering a full array of academic and extracurricular programmes to the whole school community. There have been so many wonderful things happening across both campuses. 

As part of this, you would have noticed some exciting changes to spaces within the Primary campus – building renovations, a new gymnastics centre, and the new garden play space. These innovative and sustainable learning spaces will ensure that we continue to deliver a transformative educational experience well into the future.

But there are still more developments to come! As we continue to upgrade our Primary campus, we’ve been working with architects and the Wattana District Offices (WDO) to design a community space that will benefit many, both within and surrounding our school. 

From these discussions, we’re planning unique areas - the first of their kind in the city - around the Primary School campus that will boost a far greener experience on the school grounds and allow for greater constructive play and natural exploration for all ages.

Within this innovative design, we will be utilising existing klongs that currently run underneath the campus to create a more eco-friendly environment. These klongs will be home to a diverse community of plants, animals, fish and turtles. This will be a huge learning resource for our school community, and we’re excited to get started.

To make way for this rich ecosystem, we’ve secured additional land behind the Sports Hall for an all-weather football pitch, and a private road to give our buses direct access to Sukhumvit 71. As a direct result of these improvements, our students can have an easier, quieter and safer boarding experience. This has already started with the land being cleared, and this week they will start on the foundations for the football field.

Our Primary students will also love our plans for:

  • A large new playground offering a immense range of activities

  • A netted 5-a-side football pitch

  • A Foundation playground with specialist soft flooring, as well as a roadway and play equipment that will bring learning to life

These plans will be completed over 2022-23, starting with the new all-weather football pitch. While you enjoy this upcoming three-week holiday, many people will be working hard on the Primary site to make tremendous progress by the time you and your family return to school.

To finish this week's newsletter I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday wherever in the world you will spend it. Thank you for your support for the school throughout this term. Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year to everyone. I look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 9th January to what will be another very busy and exciting time for all of us.

For parents with enquiries, please contact support@standrews.ac.th. You can also call the Primary School directly at +66 2 381-2387-8 or the High School at +66 2 056-9555.