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07 February, 2023

Year 12 Project with the Equity Partnership School Network | St Andrews Bangkok


Each year, Year 12 students are involved in a project with the Equity Partnership School Network. This project aims to build equal learning opportunities for those less fortunate with fewer resources and tackle inequality by equipping them with skills needed for success in the 21st century. This is done through assimilating cooperation and collaboration between students of different socio-economic backgrounds, from international schools and provincial Thai schools, to transform a local product and utilise e-commerce to sell to the public on the platform Shopee.


Season 4


This year, two teams of Year 12 students from St Andrews entered the competition and were matched with Ban Kae Yai School and Ban Takian Kui Wittaya School, both in Surin Province. Working together, the students from both schools attended workshops and visited the local communities in order to create products using traditional Thai cultural knowledge, combined with modern marketing expertise through e-commerce to extend professional skills and to a new generation of entrepreneurs. The students then worked together to launch and sell the product on Shopee.



Moonsoap, organic silk protein soap
Ban Kae Yai School, Surin Province x St Andrews International School Bangkok


Team 1 - 'Moonsoap' Handmade Silk Protein Soaps

Nunu, Pin, Ing Ing, Orm, Khing, and Kushal joined Baan Kae Yai School to form the brand ‘Lurin’. The product developed were handmade silk protein soaps, made and formulated by the students from the school. Three signature scents are offered, taking inspiration from local Thai plants: rice milk, jasmine, and bergamot.
In October, the team went on a trip to Surin to learn more about how the soap is made, where the ingredients are from, and how the ingredients are used in soap-making production. By the end of their trip, they were enriched in Surin’s history, known for producing immaculate silk and their famous jasmine rice. The team launched a limited edition, Valentine's Day Set featuring a new rose scent. 

Congratulations to this team, they achieved 2nd place overall in the competition with their Moonsoap product.


We were very ecstatic to achieve 1st runner up, and it was a surprising win as we saw other teams have made quite a lot more revenue than us. However, we realised that this wasn’t the sole winning factor and our teamwork, innovative approach, and commitment to the brand helped delivered a well-thought out product our customers would appreciate. - Pin

“We overcame our internal problems, and all grew together in this humbling experience” -Nunu


Buy these Handmade Silk Protein Soaps on Shopee: @ep_bankaeyai  



Hat (Kui Bucket) / Pillow Case (Kui Pillowcase)
Ban Takian Kui Wittaya School, Surin Province x St Andrews International School Bangkok


Team 2 - Hat (Kui Bucket) / Pillow Case (Kui Pillowcase)

Yashas, Siddharth, Siraj, Matthew, Kyle, and Marine joined Baan Takhian Kui School to form the brand ‘KUI’. The products developed are a variety of unique and traditionally designed bucket hats and pillowcases. These products have been handcrafted by the local school without the use of any complicated machinery. The bucket hats and pillowcases come in different colors (black, pink, and beige) all free size since they are adjustable. The bucket hats come in different and customisable patterns that the Thai school offers as they represent their culture.
In October, Team 2 was also required to go to Surin to understand more about Baan Takhian Kui School. Students learned about their culture, their production methods, and the techniques they used to create this incredible work. By the end of their trip, our students were amazed to learn about these items and their beautiful culture. 

Buy these Bucket Hats on Shopee: @ep_baantakiankui


Congratulations to both teams for creating such outstanding products and contributing to the economy of these provinces. More information here here:



Season 3



Business Management students in Year 12 took part in the Equity Partnership’s School Network Programme Season 3, working in partnership with JD Central and The Equitable Education Fund. Jason, Year 12, led the team of students participating to support Ban Pa Lao school in creating a Thai Traditional shirt that is suitable for e-commerce, thus reducing inequity. The clothing was sold on Shopee, and raised over B50,000 for Ban Pa Lao, and resulted in the team winning the overall trophy!




“It was such a valuable experience. Winning first place in this programme was such a happy moment because I felt all our group did finally got paid back. I thank Mr Gray for introducing me to this programme, Ms Faye for supporting our group, Mr Roo for letting us set up the promotional booth in the school and my friends in the group who worked so hard and tried their best to support me. Thai school teachers and students were very nice and it was an honour to work collaboratively with them. We produced such beautiful traditional Thai shirts (still available in Shopee! Search “Tacayva”) I hope STA continues to participate in this programme in future years so that younger pupils can take a chance of participating. 

Special thanks to the Ban Pa Lao school, since they were working very hard to sell their product, and even more they started their product diversification on their own, establishing a good brand.”

Jason, Year 12



Season 3 Winning Team: Jason, Harshitha, Jungwook, Ritsuki and Jonathan




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