Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
25 May, 2023

The Oopy Gloopy Slime Company, founded by Mickey, Raima, Sangdad and Tayla in Year 10, is a business which specialises in… you guessed it, slime! Their slime comes in 8 pastel colours, and is sold for 80฿ per cup. Each slime comes in a biodegradable container, made using Biotech to ensure sustainability. In addition, customers can purchase add-ons and charms according to their preference for 10฿ each- recently releasing slime activator spray, for 15฿ each! 


Oopy Gloopy | St Andrews - Oopy-Gloopy


Oopy Gloopy initially began as a startup business for St. Andrew’s Christmas Fair of 2022, in which they sold out within an hour- proving to be a great success. From there, they competed in the flaming Dragons’ Den (STA) competition, where the six Year 10 Business and Enterprise classes clashed to pitch their business ideas- and ultimately, the panel chose their winning team; Oopy Gloopy. 


Only now, awaiting Oopy Gloopy was their ultimate challenge: The final interschool Dragons’ Den. And so, on Thursday 27th April, 5 teams from 5 different international schools in Bangkok battled out to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts. “We were all so nervous, and when the schools started arriving the nerves just shot up,” recounts Tayla, a member of the group. With a scholarship on the line and making friends along the way, one by one presented each group with a showcase of their products along with question after question thrown at them. After a tough decision, it was announced that ‘Krunch Creations’ from International Pioneers School were the overall winners. “Out of the five groups, we didn’t get top three- but the experience was amazing, meeting so many new people- all in all, there were lots of good and memorable moments!” 

Oopy Gloopy | St Andrews - Oopy-Gloopy 

So- what’s in store for Oopy Gloopy? Well- you will be able to buy their great products at the Summer Fair this June! They are currently developing more slime formulas, to make each person’s slime even more specialised towards themselves. You definitely won’t want to miss out!

You can support Oopy Gloopy on their Instagram page: @oopygloopyslimecompany

Carla Ortega-Ojeda 10f