Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
12 January, 2024

Juilliard's Hilary Easton lights up St Andrews with a week of inspirational workshops

Juilliard's Hilary Easton lights up St Andrews with a week of inspirational workshops - Juilliard Dance Specialist Visits St Andrews

We had the honour of hosting Ms Hilary Easton at St Andrews International School Bangkok for an exciting week of dance workshops. A New York native, artistic director of her own contemporary dance company Hilary Easton + Company, and a distinguished Dance Composition specialist at Juilliard, Hilary certainly came in with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. During her visits to St Andrews High School and Primary School Performing Arts teams, she worked closely with our specialist Dance teachers, providing professional development opportunities to a wide range of students through her teaching workshops.

Being a part of the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of 88 schools spread throughout the world grants St Andrews students and teachers some unique experiences and insights. NAE has established some wonderful collaborations with remarkable leading-edge organisations, offering educational opportunities and connections at the highest level. 

Through Nord Anglia’s collaboration with the prestigious Juilliard School, we are able to enrich our world of Creative and Performing Arts. Our Music and Dance teachers regularly welcome back Juilliard Curriculum specialists,  resulting in an amazing series of student and staff workshops. St Andrews students, both young and older, explore artistic concepts beyond the familiar boundaries of rehearsal and performance, and in the process, further their understanding of these art forms.

Hilary was very impressed with our teams of teachers and enjoyed working with our students, who displayed such enthusiasm for dance and a willingness to work hard to further develop their talents. What a privilege it is to have brilliant professionals from Juilliard Performing Arts School in New York come to St Andrews International School Bangkok and work with us.