Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
15 March, 2023

Oh What Fun We Had

Oh What Fun We Had | St Andrews - Oh-What-Fun-We-Had

Last week featured fantastic performances of the High School production of “Our House”. There was a constant flow of song and dance as this play whorled between the two possible worlds of Joe Casey. It was amazing to see so many performers all moving together to convey the excitement of each act over to the audience. Congratulations to everyone involved. It really was a very special production charged with bringing theatre back to life in front of an appreciative audience. Thank you to all teachers involved, from the Creative and Performing Arts faculty to the many other staff from a wide range of other departments who helped throughout this play's production.

If you were not able to get a ticket for the show, there will be some excerpts from Our House performed on the stage in the Atrium, along with a huge range of other performances, during Saturday’s Fun Day.