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18 June, 2021

Pleased to meet you...David McCammon

Pleased to meet you...David McCammon Today we are pleased to meet David McCammon who is our Primary Teacher

Today we are pleased to meet David McCammon who is our Primary Teacher

Where are you from originally? 

Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

Have you lived in any other countries? 

England, Norway, Kazakhstan, Poland. 

What did you study and where?  

Business at Queens University Belfast; Teaching PGCE at Buckingham University; International Education with King’s College London. 

How long have you been at TBS Warsaw? 

Going on 6 (I think!) amazing years now! 

What do you enjoy most about teaching at our school? 

I love teaching the wide range students, with their different backgrounds, cultures and unique personalities. Their enthusiasm for learning is amazing and the unpredictability of what each day will bring makes me get up each morning with a buzz. The community as a whole - teachers and parents -  are also a large part of why I love this school! 

What are you most looking forward to in the 2020/2021 academic year? 

Dare I say a closer to return normal... and if this doesn't come to light,  then just being in the present with my new class, getting to know them better and helping them thrive each day. I also love bumping into my prior students and watching them flourish as they move up the school, from a distance.  

Who is your favourite historian/scientist/literary figure and why? 

The older I get, increasingly I see History in an ever-growing important light. I don’t have one figure that comes to my head as such but more recently, I have been reading (when my two energetic boys allow me to read!) a lot about America’s ‘Founding Fathers’ - Franklin, Washington, Adams and Hamilton. All fascinating backgrounds and stories.  While they are set in a specific period and time-based culture that looks quite different from today, the way these fascinating individuals came together synergistically to lay a stalwart framework for unconditional liberty and create a new unified constitution in a very difficult era, is quite remarkable. I am a staunch believer now, more than ever, that History can really enlighten and teach us so much and has the potential to positively influence what we do and how we act today. 

What is your favourite thing about living in Poland/Warsaw? 

Poland is such a beautiful and diverse place to be – it's home for me now without doubt. So much nature, museums, and activities for all. Whether it’s relaxing in the Polish seaside, kayaking in the Mazury or down and one of the many hidden beautiful rivers here, hiking in the forests/national parks or exploring a new cultural sites (or for me more recently child friendly and fun sites!).  Let’s put it this way – it's very hard to pick a favourite thing...or place in Poland. Pin a pin on a Compass hanging over Poland, travel there and you're sure to discover something pretty cool.

What do you miss most from home? 

My family and friends.