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21 January, 2022

Message from our Head of Primary

Message from our Head of Primary - message-from-our-head-of-primary
Message from our Head of Primary Embodying Respect is one of our school values and being respectful is one of our personal learning goals.

Embodying Respect is one of our school values and being respectful is one of our personal learning goals. 

We regularly discuss with the children how we can show respect to each to everyone in school from their peers, to other children and adults around the school.  Showing respect in school or in any environment allows us to create a positive and safe environment and where we can create friendships and feel safe to express our ideas and make mistakes.

It is also important to receive respect and feel respected as it helps everyone in school feel happy and begins to build trust in relationships. With our younger children, experiencing how it feels to be respected teaches them how to also show respect.
In school, we discuss with the children that there are many different ways of showing respect to each other.  This could be by listening and taking turns when working in a group, by saying please and thank you when asking for something, by waiting for someone to go through a door rather than pushing through and also by acknowledging others and saying good morning when walking past someone. 

During our IPC accreditation, the students  that  “Respect is about treating others with respect and showing kindness to others as we want to be better people not just in school.”   The accreditation team also recognised that our children were respectful to each other and reported that 'we saw many examples of respect during the visit from turn-taking to listening to the opinions and thoughts of others during class discussions, sharing resources, and during paired work.'

When walking around school, I meet many respectful and happy children which demonstrates that our students do embody respect and treat others in a way that they would want to be treated.  It is a great community to be part of and it is exciting that these students will be respectful global citizens modelling respect to others in the future.

Joanne Prabhu

Head of Primary