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21 January, 2022

Year 4 Fine Dining

Year 4 Fine Dining This week was Year 4’s turn to take part in Fine Dining.

This week was Year 4’s turn to take part in Fine Dining.

Pupils selected for Fine Dining are those that have shown one or more of the characteristics of our school’s values:

Our Values:

Embodying Respect: Respect is central to our school culture. We nurture a safe, caring environment where everyone is unique, valued and appreciated.

Sparking Curiosity: We value curiosity and foster a love of learning through inquiry, creativity, reflection and risk-taking. 

Celebrating Diversity: We cherish our own culture, values and beliefs and embrace those of others which is why we are proud of our diverse global community. 

This week Mr. Holmes and Ms. Hill were joined by Can, Armaan, Maria, Ronia, Larysa and Milena.

They were very chatty and polite, asking lots of good questions and listening respectfully to each other. They were very keen to tell us all about their learning this week. The great thing about fine dining is you never know where conversations will go and it was great to hear children talk so passionately and enthusiastically about school. It was a pleasure to join them for lunch.

Thomas Holmes

Deputy Head Primary