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24 February, 2022

Spindle Class visit Year 4

Spindle Class visit Year 4 Class 6 Spindle took a trip downstairs to find out about life in Year 4.

Class 6 Spindle took a trip downstairs to find out about life in Year 4. 

This is what we discovered:

Year 4's IPC topic is all about Ancient Egypt.  On Friday all the Year 4 classes will dress up in Ancient Egyptian clothes and they will have an Egyptian breakfast and celebrate in Egyptian ways. We interviewed a Year 4 student and here’s what they said ''I am enjoying the topic, but my favourite IPC topic has been Japan.''


We learned  that year 4 likes football club the most and basketball second and SSG last. The majority of pupils in year 4 demand a gaming session at 3 o clock to 4 o clock (aka gaming club). A vast amount of year 4 students would not like to have a gaming club. Would you improve any clubs?

Physical Education

We asked them questions about Physical Education. One of the questions was, “what is your favourite sport?” Almost every student responded that the best sport is football;  however some said that badminton, basketball and ping pong were their favourites.  

From the other classes we heard that online PE isn’t that interesting as PE in school although, the PE teachers prefer to see students rather then just looking at themselves on the computer. Most students like in-school lessons because they prefer moving and playing games.

Adopted Countries

In this section, we will be interviewing some of the pupils in Year 4 about their adopted country. The first class that we interviewed was Edison.

“Our adopted country is Ireland,” stated Bianca from Year 4 Edison, “it’s very rainy there”. She said she would like to see the cliffs. We also learned from Antek that the class chose Ireland because their teacher is from Ireland.  

“People from Ireland have a special dance that I can’t pronounce,” stated Maksim, “it’s like tap dancing.”

 The adopted country that Braille chose was Australia, whilst Knight chose Japan  because no-one is from there. “There are a lot of sports [karate, judo, sumo, aikido] they love sushi and have different tea ceremonies.”  Alicia added that she would like to visit it because there is high technology and quick trains. Elisa likes it because in the night there is a lot of lights and colours.

In Mathematics the year 4 have learned about adding fractions with different denominators and numerators and converting improper fractions to proper fractions. They also learned about perimeter and area.  In English the year 4 have been writing about parts of Charlottes Web and doing drama about the Twits.

In Year 4 many kids can speak different languages for example Sasha speaks Italian, English, Russian and Chinese. Augustus speaks Lithuanian and English. John speaks Russian, Greek, Turkish and English. Javier speaks English Spanish and Portuguese. The majority of year 4 study French and Spanish.

Year 6 Spindle