15 April, 2022

Message From Our Principal

At TBS Warsaw, we ‘spark curiosity’ through a variety of learning experiences and this week has certainly seen this school value come to life!

Dressing as superheroes might be seen as a fun activity used as a deviation from classroom learning however this could not be further from the truth. Whilst undoubtedly fun, the purpose of the activity was to highlight our important Personal Learning Goals: Adaptable, Collaborator, Empathetic, Ethical, Resilient, Respectful and Thinker. Our superhero training enabled students to create freeze frames, role plays and drama to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the different elements of the learning goals in the quest to fully embrace these characteristics in our everyday life. Another benefit of this day was the focus on student leadership. During my Tuesday visit to Dab this week, I heard wonderful comments about the Year 6 students who really took control of and taught the younger students about the learning goals through a mixture of games and activities.

Trips and outdoor learning have also been a theme for this week across Primary and Early Years. Forest adventures, exploring senses in darkened spaces, walks to local nature areas and making Easter cakes at a facility in a Polish farm are just some of the experiences enjoyed. First-hand experience is always both memorable and interesting and can bring learning to life. Music was even taken out of a classroom environment this week and Year 4 students came together to celebrate their own creative work in front of a keen parent audience. The theme of the Juilliard unit of work, ‘Our Site has a Mystery’, lent itself beautifully to an outdoor performance in our Curiosity Cove and around the Pirate Ship.

Finally, I would like to mention our Year 13 students who had their final lessons at TBS Warsaw this week. I have been really proud to see these young adults on their IB journey, one which has been made extra challenging due to the additional pressures presented by COVID. The students marked their final week with a number of sporting events, dress-up days and a student prank day which certainly brought smiles across the school and involved our very own TBS hens! I would like to wish all our Year 13 and Year 11 students all the very best as they prepare for their IBDP and IGCSE exams.

Happy Easter and warm wishes for a lovely holiday to all our community. Please note that a special Easter themed Saturday Connections Club will be held tomorrow and I look forward to seeing many of you there.