10 June, 2022

Foodie Historians in Year 2

Last week, Year 2 children had a chance to interview some special guests about their diets in the past! As part of our final Milepost 1 IPC unit, We Are What We Eat, we had a week focussed on history! 

What better way to find out about how diets have changed than by inviting in some people born many decades ago to interview them about what they used to eat versus what they eat now.

The children found out about school dinners and how they've improved, about traditional food from UK which is still eaten today such as turkey at Christmas. Children also heard about lack of choice - kids of the past were much more likely to eat what was given to them rather than ask for something else because this was the norm back then.  

Year 2 also took the same questions to their own parents and we now have such an amazing array of answers depending on everyone's home country which has not only helped us with deepening our understanding of history but also geography because diets of the past were so much more dependent on foods that grew well locally! Well done to all of our budding journalists and thanks so much to Ms Perry for organising that her mum, Kath and partner, Chris could come to school to be interviewed during their Warsaw holiday and big thanks as usual to Mr Kevin Halpin, the final interviewee!