28 June, 2022

PTA Corner

PTA Corner - PTA Corner

As another school year draws to an end, we take a moment to reflect upon what we have achieved over the last three terms. Your friendly PTA Committee has had quite a busy year, especially given that we were still in various lockdown situations from time to time.

Here is a rundown of PTA activities since September:

  • Welcomed new and returning families to the TBS Community with a fresh and updated PTA New Families Guide
  • Re-organised and ran regular shifts in the second-hand PTA uniform shop at LIM coupled with continuous stock of uniform items on offer at DAB
  • Held successful monthly coffee mornings and book swaps on both campuses
  • Supported the TBS Community garden efforts with vegetable and egg sales
  • Organised our first LIVE events in almost two years:
    • Two incredible International Week & Children’s Day Food Fairs with close to 150 parent volunteers
    • Two charity Quiz Nights with close to 100 attendees each and over 13,000zl raised for the AITYS India school & Friends of Ukraine charity projects
  • Organised several charity collections of pre-loved items for the Warsaw Volunteer Mission
  • Donated close to 130 children’s books in English to the Rotary Club for distribution in local hospitals
  • Supported the Christmas Giving Tree 2021 campaign
  • Supported DAB Class friends in their efforts for Santa’s workshop
  • Organised and distributed St Nicholas’ Day chocolates and gifts for all students on both campuses
  • Ran a successful Holiday Chocolate tombola at Lim, with 2,500zl raised for the AITYS India school charity project
  • Donated close to 200 books to the Libraries without Borders charitable organization
  • Donated an industrial-sized coffee percolator to the Warsaw Smile charitable organisation
  • Organised and distributed Fat Thursday doughnuts for all children and staff on both campuses
  • Supported the Friends of Ukraine charitable efforts with donations sorting and baked goods for the Saturday social club
  • Organised and distributed Easter chocolates for all children on both campuses
  • Supported the Children’s Day celebrations at DAB with sponsoring a bouncy castle
  • Participated in the Jubilee Fair with a delicious PTA Strawberries & cream & chocolate stand
  • Supported all of the Sports days with donations and distribution of watermelons and ice creams for all children, staff and volunteers on both campuses
  • Donated over 50 books for the Primary classrooms reading corners and the Primary library, Secondary library will have their pick of books in September
  • Sorted and laid out over 300kg of unlabeled lost non-uniform items, as well as sorted, washed and re-stocked the unlabeled uniform items to be re-sold in our second-hand uniform shop.
  • Organised and distributed Thank You gifts for all teaching and support staff on both campuses at Christmas and at the end of the school year

Many thanks to all of the PTA volunteers who have helped make all of the above possible this term. Special thanks to the Senior Leadership Team and the school staff for eagerly welcoming us back on campus and making on-site testing available for our event volunteers and attendees.

Our Annual Accounts are attached below for your reference. We are keeping a significant reserve for the next school year to be able to cover teachers’ gifts in the event that our income from the second-hand uniform shop decreases due to the upcoming changes in uniform provision.

Overview of PTA Finances (as of June 28th 2022)





Balance brought forward due to COVID from 2020/2021



Second hand uniform



Teacher & support staff appreciation gifts



In-school events (including International Day, Fat Thursday, holiday chocolates, Jubilee Fair, sports days…)






Balance carried forward into 2022/2023



We are hoping for a full event calendar for the next school year, so please watch this space. We will be back on campus during Orientation Day to welcome new families arriving in Warsaw and hope to see you all back during the first week of school. We also plan to keep the uniform shop open as regularly as possible – please check back for information on our Facebook pages (links below).

Have a restful and sunny summer break!


Warm regards,

Your PTA Committee


Jelena Krzanicki

PTA Chair




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