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BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop

Life-long Learners at BIS Hanoi

BIS Hanoi - Fine dining

As teachers, we are always striving to be the best role models for our students by demonstrating Care, Respect and Integrity. We also nurture and hope to inspire our students so they become hooked on learning.

Our STEAM internal training session
At BIS we believe in life-long learning for our students and staff. Our teachers are reflective practitioners who are focused on providing the highest quality of learning for your children. Our time in school after 3 pm is often focused on planning and assessment but also on staff development. This week, with that in mind, our STEAM lead Martin Toner, Peter Allison, Computing Teacher, and Steve Labelle our Primary Tech Integrator put their heads together to deliver an exciting staff training session. Our dream #STEAM team led an inspiring session for staff who were completing challenges using technologies that our students use in daily lessons. Spheros, Makey Makeys, and Beebots, to name a few, are all part of our Computing Curriculum and ensuring our teachers understand and can problem solve with this innovative technology enables them to make links and provide enhanced opportunities for our students in the classroom.

  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop
  • BIS Hanoi - Computing and technology workshop

Year 1-6 Computing Workshop for Parents

This afternoon, it was then the turn of our parents, who were given the opportunity to solve problems and learn more about the exciting computing curriculum. Mr. Allison talked about the computing curriculum and then parents got the chance to explore and complete challenges. Playing the bongos using bananas, completing Mr. Labelle’s Sphero challenge in the corridor were just a couple of the activities our parents tackled. What a great example of our BIS Community all learning together!

  • BIS Hanoi - Assembly
  • BIS Hanoi - Assembly
  • BIS Hanoi - Assembly
  • BIS Hanoi - Assembly

3S taking environmental action

3S delivered an engaging and thought-provoking assembly linked to their topic of rainforests. They told us about the impact of logging, agriculture and other threats on our rainforest and environments. What was wonderful to see was their message about taking action – 3S have set up a system for our students to recycle paper that has been used on both sides so that it can be shredded and used for compost in the BIS Garden. Taking action embodies what we believe we all need to be doing to become true Global Citizens. Well done 3S for a fantastic assembly!

Phase 2 Exhibition
Next Friday between 9:00 and 10:30 we invite Phase 2 parents to come in and enjoy the annual Phase 2 exhibition. This is a fantastic opportunity for our student to teach you about what they have been learning since the beginning of the term. A celebration of learning across Year 2, 3 and 4 that will ensure our half-term finishes on high. I am excited already and look forward to welcoming you next week!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Rebecca Carroll
Head of Primary

Congratulations to our fine diners this week:
-    Ha Chi 2I
-    Elliot 2I
-    Xuan Phuc 2S
-    Van Duy 2S
-    Khanh An 3I
-    Chuc Linh 3I
-    Khanh Linh 4S
-    Sophia 4S


BIS Hanoi - Fine dining