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Defining Success at BIS Hanoi

24 Tháng Tám 2018

Becoming expert language users is an important characteristic of British internationalism.

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Dear Parents

It has been an uplifting week.  After the completion of staff training, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the students. On Wednesday morning, they bounced, biked and bussed their way into school, and the BIS Hanoi 2018/19 school year was in motion, officially.

Weekly Update 24/08 BIS Hanoi

It is going to be wonderful. We have more students than ever before and already friendships are forming between new and returning students. These friendships will be celebrated at our new students’ barbecue, which will take place on Friday 28 September 2018.

Celebration is one of the themes we wish to promote this year.  This newsletter will be one of several platforms where individual and group achievement will be promoted.  Over the summer, two BIS Hanoi students, enjoyed incredible individual sporting success.

We are very pleased to inform you that Khanh Trang, Year 7, joined a ballet group representing Vietnam and attended the "6th Asia Arts Festival (AAF)” taking place in Singapore. Her team won the silver medal!
Click HERE to learn further about the story on Vietnamnews.

Meanwhile, Bao Long (Year 9), has been selected to represent Vietnam in the Asian Junior Team Golf championships.  BIS Hanoi is very proud of our elite athletes and, as always, we will provide support so that  they can compete, with minimum disruption to their studies.

This year, we will also be supporting the development of expert English language use across the whole school. Students will be actively and relentlessly encouraged to use excellent English in common areas such as the dining hall, corridors and classrooms.  Occasionally, children will be allowed to use their mother tongue language to think in class but this will be carefully monitored and limited.

Weekly Update 24/08 BIS Hanoi

Becoming expert language users is an important characteristic of British internationalism. Over the year, via this newsletter, I will return to the theme of British internationalism and offer insights into how it is defined in the secondary section of BIS Hanoi.

We have a packed ECA programme developing, which will include major team sports, like volleyball, basketball and soccer.  There will be musical, artistic and performing opportunities in our production of ‘Annie’ and Vietnam’s most successful International Award program (D of E) will also be available to Key Stage 4 and 5 students.  Model United Nations is back for all students and Mr Westropp will be launching the World Scholars Cup ECA.  I will report on the development of each of these activities during the year.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate last year’s Year 11 and Year 13 students.  They enjoyed impressive examination success in their IGCSE and IBDP courses, respectively.  Our IBDP students performed well above the global averages- 96% of our students passed the IBDP compared to the global average of 78%.  Meanwhile, at IGCSE, we increased entries by more than 50% and improved the level of performance in those exams for the second year running 48% of all results were at A*/A standard.  

To all new and returning parents, we extend a warm welcome to BIS Hanoi. We pledge to you our commitment to British internationalism, academic rigor and breadth of opportunity.  Please join me each week to learn more about these areas of focus and celebrate the individual and collective successes of our children.

Tim Webb, Head of Secondary