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    Our school offers an environment of respect, intercultural understanding and integrity, where everyone is involved, valued and successful; a community where individuals make a difference.

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    97% of our parents say their child is developing confidence and independence at our school

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    Through Nord Anglia University our teaching staff maintain the highest standards of a rigorous British education.

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    Our students achieved a 100% pass rate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations in 2013, once again beating the world average by over 20%.

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Life in Budapest

Whether here to work, study or both, living in Budapest will certainly add spice to your life.

Although it's a small country of only 10 million, many of Budapest's educational institutions are world renowned and when you first arrive, you are guaranteed to be swept away by the city's architectural beauty. It is also a cultural hub, with everything from world class opera and folk art to a thriving visual arts community. Don't be surprised to hear some people say things like, "I came here for three weeks ten years ago." Such can be the allure of Budapest.  

Budapest is also home to one of the world's most difficult languages, which may seem daunting at first. Most Hungarians recognise their mother tongue's complexity, however they don't expect foreigners to learn things quickly. If you do learn a phrase or two, they will be very appreciative of your attempts at learning the language. 

The international community in Budapest is strong and close and readily embraces newcomers. Budapest is culturally rich and you'll have access to all Western-style amenities. Since it is literally the centre of Europe, there is no better place to explore not just a new country, but an entire continent.

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