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Katrin Bastijns

Katrin Bastijns

Chemistry Teacher

MChem (Hons), University of Leuven, Belgium

PhD Chemistry (Hons), University of Leuven, Belgium

PGCE Chemistry Education, University of Leuven, Belgium

MBA (Hons), University of Edinburgh, UK 

After her postdoctoral assignment at the University of Antwerp, Katrin joined the Clinical department of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in 1995. In her role of Clinical Research Manager, Katrin was involved in the launch of drugs such  as Viagra and Lipitor in Belgium. Katrin started her teaching career in 2007.

Katrin joined NAE here in Hungary in 2011. She has taken advantage of the several opportunities offered through Nord Anglia University and took part in an IB workshop for the Diploma Programme. 

Katrin is committed to make the conceptually challenging topic of Chemistry accessible to students, not only by introducing technology but also by using creative ways to present models and help their understanding.  She is passionate about her subject and is always trying to improve and update her teaching methodology so as to empower the students in their further career choices and life. She is very ambitious for her students, especially for her IB students in order to help them realise their chosen career paths at university.  

In her spare time, Katrin enjoys running at the weekend;she loves to read English novels and she spends time with her family. Katrin’s 3 children, while Belgian, grew up in Bangkok, Ankara, Lima and currently Budapest, which makes them very much a ‘third culture’ family. 

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