Primary School Update (15 September 2023) | British International School Hanoi - Primary School Update
Rebecca Carroll
15 September, 2023

Primary School Update (15 September 2023)

Primary School Update (15 September 2023) | British International School Hanoi - Primary School Update
Weekly update from Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to get our Parent Connect sessions for Term 1 well underway this term. Following on from the success of our Phonics Session with Ms. Cat last week, this week we had a Stay and Play in Early Years and KS2 Reading Drop In led by Ms. Harvey. 

On Wednesday morning, Ms. Carmichael welcomed over 60 parents into the EYC to learn about the importance of a play-based curriculum In Early Years. She showed parents firsthand, how playing is an activity where children can show their remarkable ability for imagination and decision. It is how they begin to understand and process the world around them, developing lifelong skills, and plays a crucial role in their development which is not to be underestimated.

Stay & Play | BIS Hanoi

Fine and gross motor skills, communication, problem-solving, sharing and turn-taking are all developed through play, which also has a variety of stages that children need to progress through. Ms. Carmichael didn’t just leave the play up to our young experts, she also ensured that parents would engage with and embrace the many play opportunities in our inspiring shared areas. It was wonderful to see so many parents actively playing with their children. 

On Thursday, Key Stage 2 parents visited classes from Year 3 - Year 6 to see our Reading lessons in action. Over 50 parents followed up their class visits with a workshop led by Ms. Harvey who gave them activities and opportunities to learn as the students do. Armed with greater understanding and new strategies to take home, it was a fantastic start to a very rainy day. Parents asked great questions and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that took place throughout the session. 

KS2 Reading | BIS Hanoi

Next week, we are inviting all parents to school to meet their child’s class teacher, EAL teacher and Vietnamese teachers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school. We strongly encourage all parents to sign up for this. It is a great opportunity to connect and get a progress update on how your child has started the year.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Rebecca Carroll 

Head of Primary

Key Dates 
  • 18th - 19th September: Parent's Evening 
  • 19th September: Principal's Coffee Morning
  • 26th September: Parent Connect: Reading Workshop In Classes F3 to Year 2
  • 29th September: Moon Festival Assembly
  • 7th October: BIS Hanoi International Festival