27 October, 2023

Year 13's Geographical and Scientific Journey at Bach Ma National Park

Year 13's Geographical and Scientific Journey at Bach Ma National Park | British International School Hanoi-Exploring the Wonders of Bach Ma National Park Year 13s Geographical and Scientific Journey-1

Embarking on an unforgettable three-day journey, our Year 13 students set out on a joint Geography and  IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) trip to Bach Ma National Park in Vietnam.

Their mission? To dive deep into the captivating world of data collection, exploring the critical aspects of geography and science along the magnificent Ta Thach River. This adventure was a crucial step towards fulfilling the demanding requirements of their IB internal assessments.

As they explored the park, our students were captivated by its natural beauty. Trekking through the lush rainforest, they discovered stunning waterfalls, encountered diverse wildlife, and enjoyed breathtaking mountaintop views. Their curiosity extended to the park's mangroves, where they studied the intricate river systems and compared environmental systems within and beyond the park. Year 13s diligently collected data on river flow, sediment, and biodiversity, gaining a deeper understanding of how these ecosystems thrive. In their quest for knowledge, they also examined the health and sustainability of the mangroves in the face of human influence. They marvelled at the unique flora and fauna, collecting valuable data that contributed to our understanding of these remarkable habitats.

After days of exploration and scientific endeavours, the students relished the picturesque beach views, savouring the delicious flavours of central Vietnam. Evenings were filled with laughter and karaoke sessions, showcasing their hidden talents alongside special appearances from Ms. Archer and Mr. Wright.

Our Year 13 students demonstrated unwavering determination, unyielding perseverance, and boundless enthusiasm throughout their epic adventure in Bach Ma National Park. Their data collection efforts not only deepened their understanding of geographical and scientific concepts but also honed their practical skills, setting the stage for outstanding internal assessments in both subjects. We couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments. Well done, Year 13!

Mr. Shaun O'Callaghan

Head of Humanities