17 November, 2023

Secondary School Update (17 November 2023)

Secondary School Update (17 November 2023) | British International School in Hanoi | BIS Hanoi - Secondary School Update
Weekly update from Head of Secondary
Dear Secondary School Community,

We are pleased to say that our school will be welcoming a team of seven evaluators from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) next week. From Saturday to Friday, these esteemed evaluators from around the world will be joining us to assist with our reaccreditation process.

This visit marks the culmination of two years of dedicated work involving all key stakeholders in our school community: 231 staff members, over 500 parents, and almost 700 students.

The CIS/WASC evaluation is a comprehensive process that aligns with our commitment to continuous improvement. It is a lever for school improvement, driven internally yet validated externally. The evaluation focuses on internationally recognised standards, with a specific emphasis on students' learning, well-being, and our school's guiding statements. Their feedback is constructive and aims to add value to our educational endeavors. Importantly, the evaluation process is centred on self-renewal and reflection, rather than mere inspection.

We look forward to this opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable learning community we have built together and continue our journey towards providing an exceptional education for our students.

I would like to extend a warm invitation to all parents and secondary school students to attend a special presentation in the auditorium by the CIS/WASC evaluators. This event will take place on Friday, November 24, between 4:15 and 5:15 p.m. It will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the evaluation process and the valuable insights it will bring to our school's growth and development.

If you wish to attend the presentation session, please complete this RSVP form by 11 a.m. on November 22, 2023.

Stay tuned for updates and further information as we embark on this important journey.

Warm regards,

Chris Newman 

Head of Secondary

Key Dates

  • 24th November: World Children's Day
  • 29th - 30th November: Secondary Production
  • 30th November: Friends of BIS Meeting
  • 6th December: Year 13 Parents Evening 4:15 - 7:15 pm
  • 8th December: Christmas Community Event (No CCAs)
  • 15th December: End of Term 1 

Pastoral Update on Year 7

Year 7: Mai Chau Residential 2023 Reflection by Yuzuki and Tuong Van (on behalf of Year 7):

We went to Mai Chau for 4 days for a residential stay. It was a fun trip and an amazing experience to be in a homestay. We had an exciting day every day and did loads of great activities!

Here are some activities we did:


Year 7 Mai Chau trip | BIS Hanoi

This was an activity that mostly involved hiking in the mountains. It was very hot. However, after the hike was finished, we had a peaceful meal and then had fun in the pool. It was a hard 6-kilometre hike, but we all enjoyed the challenge!

Bamboo Olympics 

Year 7 Mai Chau trip | BIS Hanoi

In this activity, we had to make catapults that launched a ball far away with 6 bamboo sticks and 6 rubber bands. We launched the ball with the catapult, and the group that got the most points won.

Cultural Scavenger Hunt

In the cultural scavenger hunt, we explored Lac Village. We discovered lots of cultural information ourselves from the local community, and we also had to find some bugs.

Night Hike and Souvenir Shopping

During the night hike and souvenir shopping, we went to the farm in the middle of the night, and we enjoyed standing in the dark, hearing all the sounds of nature. After that, we went to the night market to buy some souvenirs. This was one of my favourite parts, as I enjoyed buying traditional goods from the local people.


This was my favourite because in this activity, we saw how they make and dye silk as well as trying to make it ourselves. You could also buy some silk, which was around 150K.

Rock Climbing

I think rock climbing was an amazing activity because you got to experience actual traditional rock climbing that you don’t usually do. I panicked during it because I thought I would fall, but then I realised that I was attached to the straps, so I was okay. And after some panicking, I persevered, and it was worth it!

I really enjoyed the Year 7 Residential with Mai Chau!


The Mai Chau trip was wonderful, from its breathtaking views on the hike to the adrenaline from the bamboo challenge!

I will talk about my two favourite activities.

Year 7 Mai Chau Trip | BIS Hanoi

Rock climbing: I think rock climbing was one of the best activities on the trip. For those who are afraid of heights, don't worry because there is a selection of heights. I also liked it because it tested your bravery.

Stargazing: Stargazing was personally the highlight of the trip for me because we took time to just appreciate the beauty of nature; it is truly a rare thing we get to experience because of all the pollution in the city. You get to lie there, just thinking about what you are grateful for. Overall, it was a really peaceful experience.

Tuong Van 

Learning Showcase

FOBISIA English Competition

We are excited to share the success of our Key Stage 3 students in the FOBISIA English Competition. They have actively participated in several types of quizzes, highlighting their English language skills and competing with students from other schools.

The classrooms have been buzzing with energy as our students showed dedication and critical thinking to answer challenging questions. The leaderboard added to the excitement, driving healthy competition and motivating them to improve their rankings. To acknowledge their exceptional progress, we have awarded JOMA vouchers to students who demonstrated outstanding effort and achievement.

Ms. Daniels

English Teacher

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Students Prepare for Silver and Bronze Expeditions

As the Duke of Edinburgh International Award programme continues to thrive at our school, we are excited to highlight the recent activities of our Silver and Bronze participants. These dedicated students have been diligently preparing for their upcoming expeditions, where they will put their camping and collaborative cooking skills to the test.

DUKE | BIS Hanoi

This week, our aspiring adventurers took their culinary talents outdoors and showcased their ability to prepare delicious meals in challenging conditions. With limited resources and the need for efficient teamwork, our students rose to the occasion and demonstrated their creativity and adaptability.

DUKE | BIS Hanoi

From mouthwatering fried potatoes to hearty one-pot dishes, our young chefs impressed us with their innovative recipes and culinary techniques. It is clear that we have some budding chefs in the making, and we cannot wait to see their talents flourish further!

As the Bronze preparation expedition approaches, scheduled for December 1st to 3rd, we wish our students the best of luck in applying the skills they have acquired during their training. The upcoming expedition will provide them with the opportunity to showcase their teamwork, resilience, and resourcefulness in a real-world outdoor setting.