01 December, 2023

A Spectacular Showcase of Talent: BIS Hanoi's Secondary Production 'Little Shop of Horrors' Brings the Stage to Life 

BIS Hanoi Secondary Production Little Shop of Horrors
Led by the school's Performing Arts team, this spectacular show brought together a talented cast, crew, stage design team, orchestra, and logistic, all of whom were students and teachers from the BIS Hanoi community.

The stage was set, the lights were dimmed, and the crowd eagerly awaited the 2 nights of performance of BIS Hanoi's highly anticipated secondary production, 'Little Shop of Horrors.' on November 29th and 30th. Months of preparation and rehearsal culminated in two unforgettable nights of musical theatre magic. The production process began in August, with over 130 staff and students dedicating their time and energy to bringing this beloved show to life. 

'Little Shop of Horrors' tells the story of Seymour, a down-on-his-luck florist who discovers a mysterious and carnivorous plant that brings him fame, fortune, and unexpected consequences. With its catchy tunes and dark humour, the show captivated audiences and left them on the edge of their seats. 

Ms. Brawn, Acting Head of Performing Arts and the Production Director, expressed her pride in the team's achievements, stating,

"This is the fourth Secondary School Production I have had the pleasure of bringing to the stage at BIS Hanoi – and every year we see the quality of Cast, Musicians, Crew, and Design go from strength to strength. We are reaping the benefits of a committed core of students and staff who are passionate about musical theatre and thriving collaboratively to bring our creative vision to light. We are forming a true family of thespians who are learning lifelong skills through their commitment to the Performing Arts. I am incredibly proud of Little Shop of Horrors and believe we have brought it to life in a way that is unique to us and our community!

BIS Hanoi Secondary Production Little Shop of Horrors

The hard work and dedication of the entire team were evident in the seamless execution of the production. The cast delivered outstanding performances, the musicians brought the score to life, the crew ensured smooth transitions, and the stage design team created a visually stunning backdrop for the show. 

The BIS Hanoi community came together to support 'Little Shop of Horrors,' and their enthusiasm and energy were palpable throughout the performances. The show not only showcased the talents of the students but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and passion for the performing arts that thrives within the school. 

As the curtains closed on the final night of 'Little Shop of Horrors,' the BIS Hanoi community celebrated the incredible success of the production. The memories created on stage will undoubtedly last a lifetime, serving as a testament to the creativity and dedication of the students and staff involved. 

BIS Hanoi continues to foster a vibrant Performing Arts programme, nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for students to explore their passion for the arts. With each production, the school's commitment to excellence in the performing arts shines brighter, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next showcase of talent from this remarkable community.