29 February, 2024

BIS Hanoi students excel at the Global Innovator STEAM Challenge

BIS Hanoi STEAM Competition
In a true display of creativity, teamwork, and a commitment to addressing global issues, our talented Year 6, 7, and 8 students recently participated in the Global Innovator STEAM Challenge held at BVIS, alongside students from schools across Hanoi.

The journey towards the challenge began with intense discussions and brainstorming sessions, where students collaborated to generate innovative solutions to combat pollution. They delved into the design process, discussing ideas, planning, designing, and conducting thorough research to develop cutting-edge concepts. The students' dedication and enthusiasm were evident as they explored different aspects of the challenge, seeking to create impactful solutions. 

BIS Hanoi STEAM Competition

One standout idea from our students was a state-of-the-art water treatment plant. This innovative concept aims to tackle the pollution plaguing our water. The students' meticulous planning and research resulted in a design that promised to revolutionise water treatment methods and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. 

BIS Hanoi STEAM Competition

The Global Innovator STEAM Challenge provided an invaluable experience for our students by giving them the opportunity to collaborate with peers from other schools. Working alongside students from diverse backgrounds, they learned the importance of teamwork and gained a deeper understanding of global issues. The challenge fostered a spirit of cooperation and enabled our students to showcase their skills on a larger platform.

The event itself was a testament to the greatness of the challenge. It allowed students to not only demonstrate their creative problem-solving abilities but also presented them with the chance to make a tangible difference in the world. The Global Innovator STEAM Challenge celebrated the power of imagination, innovation, and collaboration, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated. 

We are immensely proud of our Year 6, 7, and 8 students for their outstanding performances at the STEAM festival. Their dedication, hard work, and passion exemplify the values we strive to instill in our students. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth as they tackle future challenges and make a positive impact on the world. 

Emily Clark and Steve Labelle

Primary STEAM Team Leads