IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition 2024

Join us for an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the final pieces of artwork from our talented IBDP Visual Arts students at The World Artspace, Q2 Terrace, An Phu, Thu Duc City. 
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Ibdp visual arts exhibition 2024

Join us at The World Artspace as our IBDP Visual Art students showcase their extraordinary final pieces. 5 incredible Year 13 artists display their work on themes such as life, death, memory, identity, urbanisation and the human experience. 
 The exhibition will run from Monday 1st to Thursday 4th April with the opening night being a private event for the student artists, their families and our teachers. 
The remaining days from Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th April are open to the public and we invite you to join us to discover the exceptional work of our IBDP Visual Art students from 2024.
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meet our artists

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Bella’s vibrant scenes of her hometown are both overwhelming and beautiful. Inspired by the urban scenes of photo-realistic artist Richard Estes, Bella comments on an overpopulated Saigon characterised by neon shop lights and bustling streets. Coming from a family of architects Bella finds beauty in the city, where buildings house the millions of residents that live, work and socialise together. Her urban scenes act as a social commentary on the ever more consumerist city, whilst still celebrating the vibrancy, innovation and people that call Saigon home.

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Brenda transports us to the ordinary spaces that make up our daily experiences; the view of our neighbourhood from our window in the morning, to a dark and sinister day at the beach. She examines the quiet corners and simplicity of empty spaces that evoke feelings that we may not notice at first. These ordinary surroundings convey the human presence and the comfort, awe and darkness that make up our everyday lives.

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Khanh utilises her own characters to explore the human experience and develop self-understanding and compassion. As a storyteller, Khanh uses Derek, one of her oldest characters, to delve deep into her own psyche.

Using this fictitious character gives Khanh the freedom to explore the vulnerable and very raw emotions that many of us experience, without judgement or fear.

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Mia explores the multifaceted nature of humanity through immersive installations and thought-provoking pieces. With the overarching theme of identity, her work evokes questions about both self-identity and the collective identity that binds us, irrespective of culture, language or beliefs. Mia also explores the cultural identities of the humans of Sapa, celebrating these unique ethnic minority people and their home, which is so much more than just a popular tourist destination.

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Influenced by the ceiling mural “Apotheosis of St Ignacius” by Andrea Pozzo and the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, Nicole explores the passing of time, in particular the memories that flash before our eyes when we die.

Nicole reflects on her own past experiences as a child and how choices and mistakes have shaped her present and future path as she comes of age.
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Find the exhibition at The World Artspace, 21 Vo Truong Toan (formerly Ngo Gallery)