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meet our community

Our thriving community is home to children, families, and staff from more than 55 countries. Together, they make BIS HCMC a special place to be.
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Malkhaz Ushveridze
"Our three children have settled in extremely well at BIS HCMC. They excitedly told us: 'Our favourite place is the playground. Our house team plays sports activities and they're always exciting. It’s so easy to make new friends here, and the teachers are always there for us, in and outside the classroom.'"
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Pamela Duncan
"BIS HCMC truly is a community; it's a village helping to raise our children. It's clear that the school's leadership, teachers, and support staff really care about each child's happiness and wellbeing. And after 15 years of living in various locations across Asia, BIS HCMC is the reason I don’t want to leave Vietnam."
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Christine De Ubago
Teacher and Curriculum Leader
"I've been fortunate to work at BIS HCMC for eight years. I'm proud that the school values diversity and prioritises student and staff wellbeing. Being an early years teacher in a child-focused learning environment is an exciting adventure, too. I believe that, when we motivate our children, provide the right support and offer boundless opportunities, they'll excel in their learning."
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Tuan Le

"I have always thought that a school should be judged by the strength of its community, and this is where BIS HCMC excels. The school is a place of immense kindness and warmth, which made learning a joy every single day. Here, I forged a tightknit group of friends and mentors who I still regard as family."

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Alice Lee
"Moving to Vietnam in Year 10 was very challenging, as I couldn't speak English very well. But I got so much support. I reached out to my classmates and talked to them a lot, which really improved my speaking skills. My teachers were very supportive, too, and I really appreciate what they did for me. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without their guidance."
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Toshie Hidaka Milner
Marketing and PR Manager
"I've been part of the BIS HCMC community for six years, both as a parent and a member of staff. You always feel welcome here, and there is a strong sense of teamwork. Everyone's working towards the same goal: maintaining the highest standards of learning and creating a supportive environment. It's such an inspiring place to be, and the perfect school to pursue a fulfilling career."


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Secondary Campus, 246 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, HCMC
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