Our students get some of the best results in the world, which reflect their hard work, skill, and determination, as well as our commitment to personal and academic excellence.
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Our IBDP results in 2023

At the British International School Ho Chi Minh City, we believe there's no limit to what your child can achieve. Our students’ outstanding results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) place them among the very best worldwide.

In 2022/23, our second largest cohort ever with 107 students have surpassed all IBDP global averages! With a truly impressive average point score of 36.7, our graduates achieved significantly higher than the global average of 30.2 points. Once again this result is an incredible 6 points above the world average, which has been the case for several years reflecting the consistency in quality across all of our disciplines.

1 in 3 BIS HCMC students (37.4%) achieved an outstanding 40 points or more, an astonishing achievement given the UK average is 15.9%. This year, 3 of our students achieved a perfect score of 45, falling in the top 1% worldwide, and 8 of them achieved a near perfect score of 43 or 44.  

IBDP results highlights


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“The class of 2023 have excelled themselves with this outstanding set of IB results and we are very proud of every one of them. They have been a wonderful cohort of students who have always acted with integrity, showing great perseverance and resilience in achieving these excellent outcomes. My sincere congratulations to the class of 2023!” 
Anthony Rowlands
Principal, British International School Ho Chi Minh City
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Our IGCSE results in 2023

This remarkable class, our second largest IGCSE cohort of 130 students, were awarded 70.2% of grades at A* or A. It’s fitting that in our 25th year, 25 of these students achieved A* or A in all of their subjects, a truly incredible achievement. 46 students achieved A*/A in at least 8 subjects showing the incredible breadth of our students’ knowledge and success across all disciplines. 

With 98.2% of all grades at A*- C, and 98.5% of students achieving A* - C in 5 or more subjects, these results are a great motivation as our students begin their first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).  

IGCSE results highlights

  • 130 - Year 11 students
  • 1190 - total number of IGCSE grades given
  • 70.2% - grades at A*/A

  • 98.2%- grades at A*-C

  • 98.5 % - students achieved 5 or more at A*-C

  • 25 students - received all A*/A grades

  • 46 students - achieved A*/A in at least 8 subjects




Our primary results in 2022

At the end of a very different and challenging year for our primary students, our Key Stage 2 (end of Year 6) data is very pleasing.

This year's results reflect both the high-quality teaching and learning offered, and the smooth transition our teachers created between virtual learning and the return to school. They also evidence the strong partnership between students, teachers, and parents. The results of our GL Assessments for English and maths are well above the average score of 100 for UK primary schools.


Primary (Key Stage 2) results highlights


Your child will flourish at BIS HCMC, where our all-encompassing approach to education balances academic excellence with personal growth and wellbeing, inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

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