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"In our community, we value academic excellence highly. But we also believe in your child’s all-round development. Our world-class teachers will inspire them to see that anything is possible."
Anthony Rowlands
Principal, British International School Ho Chi Minh City
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There’s no limit to what your child can achieve at BIS HCMC. Rated ‘Outstanding in all Categories’ by the British government, our students get some of the best academic results in the world. We’re the highest-ranking International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) school in Vietnam, with 3 students achieving a perfect score of 45 points in 2023. With a truly impressive average point score of 36.7, our graduates achieved significantly higher than the global average of 30.2 points. Our students’ remarkable results reflect both our commitment to excellence and our holistic approach to education. Our world-class British and international teachers will nurture your child’s all-round development, as well as personalising learning to their strengths and passions. This unlocks a world of possibilities – including pathways to the world’s best universities.

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Our globally respected curricula – created by world-leading education experts – reimagines learning through our six core educational pillars.
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Academic excellence
Your child will enjoy a personalised education that inspires them to be their best, encourages them to enquire and reflect, and motivates them to achieve academic success.
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Academic excellence

When it comes to your child’s education, we believe that anything is possible. Your child will learn in a way that’s right for them, following their strengths and passions, and enjoying extraordinary experiences – including our extensive co-curricular programme of trips and activities – that develop a lifetime love of learning.

Nurturing every aspect of our students’ learning journey helps them get great results, too. In 2023, 98.5% of our IGCSE students got at least 5 A*-C grades – with 25 students getting A*-A in all their subjects. In 2023, our average IBDP score was 36.7, compared to a world average of 30.2. An incredible three of our class of 2023 gained a perfect score of 45 points, too.

This academic excellence unlocks a world of possibilities. 70% of our 2023 graduates were accepted by one of the world’s top 100 universities, including the University of Oxford and Imperial College London in the UK, The University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University in the US, Seoul National University and National University of Singapore in Asia and the University of Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. 

One of the highest-ranking IBDP schools in the world, we’re proud to be a member of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA). We’re also a registered centre for UK exam boards and a designated International Baccalaureate World School.

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World's best teachers
At BIS HCMC, we recruit only the best British and international teachers. Their energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to education will inspire your child to fall in love with learning.
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World's best teachers

Behind every successful student is a great teacher. And at BIS HCMC, our teachers are truly outstanding. Caring and committed, innovative and inspiring, every one of our hand-picked teaching team has a proven track record of motivating children to be their best.

Your child will be surrounded by teachers who are fully invested in their social, emotional, and academic growth. More than 90% have British qualifications and at least three years’ experience in UK schools. They work alongside international subject specialists, including native-speaking language teachers and expert early years educators.

We invest heavily in our teachers' professional development, too. They can study for new qualifications, including an Executive Master's in International Education through King's College London, and learn from world-leading experts on bespoke training with Apple, MIT, and The Juilliard School.

Our highly qualified pastoral care team, counsellors, and school nurse will look after your child’s health and wellbeing, too, ensuring they’re happy, content, and thriving at school.

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Exceptional learning experiences
Every day is enriched by life-changing opportunities that will spark your child’s curiosity and creativity, nurture their strengths and passions, and give them a real sense of purpose.
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Exceptional learning experiences

We believe that an outstanding education should be packed with unforgettable experiences and opportunities, which balance our students’ academic growth with their personal, physical, and emotional development.

This includes our trailblazing collaborations, which transform learning in and beyond the classroom. Our STEAM programme with MIT opens our students’ eyes to the infinite possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths. And our collaboration with The Juilliard School, the world’s leading performing arts conservatory, offers the highest quality artistic education, setting our students up for the international stage.

There really is something for everyone on our co-curricular programme, too, with more than 100 activities on each of our three campuses. Sport, drama, music, arts, leadership, the environment, politics – your child will do what they love, discover new interests, and obtain lifelong transferable skills.

Your child will also go on exhilarating expeditions, taking them on adventures in Vietnam and across the world. From spending time with local communities in Kon Tum to driving change on our social outreach project in Cambodia, each trip challenges our students’ way of thinking, builds their courage and determination, and develops their sense of self.

Of course, our passion for wellbeing shapes every experience we offer. Led by our pastoral team, our dedicated wellbeing programme will keep your child safe and healthy at school.

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Advanced learning environments
On each of our state-of-the-art campuses, your child will benefit from cutting-edge interactive technology and some of the finest facilities in Vietnam.
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Advanced learning environments

BIS HCMC is a thriving school community with three purpose-built campuses in the Thao Dien area of Ho Chi Minh City.

Split by age group, each of our campuses has first-class facilities that unlock a world of extraordinary opportunities. Anything is possible in our technology-enriched DREAMS labs, indoor and outdoor sports areas, and professional theatre and auditoriums. Teachers engage and excite in classrooms equipped with interactive screens and visualisers. And bistros, cafés, dedicated wellbeing areas – as well as libraries on each campus – nourish our students’ minds and bodies.

Our Early Years and Infant Campus has been thoughtfully designed to nurture our youngest learners’ growth through exploration, discovery, and play. Dynamic, interactive classrooms and STEAM areas flow seamlessly into bright outdoor spaces, including our rooftop gardens, which provide a lush, green environment for learning. We also have an indoor swimming pool, sunken courtyard garden, adventure playground, and outdoor shaded splash pool.

Our Junior Campus sparks our primary students’ curiosity and creativity, cultivating emerging talents and passions. Our communal artistic and social space is the perfect place for productions, performances, and creative displays, while our 25-metre swimming pool, all-weather pitch and indoor gym get our students moving. Your child can recharge and refresh in our beautifully designed canteen and peaceful wellbeing garden, too.

Linked to our Junior Campus by a covered bridge, our Secondary Campus is home to a truly 21st century education experience. Cutting-edge interactive technology enriches learning in our science and design and technology labs, VEX robotics room, and classrooms. Our students get moving on our indoor and outdoor basketball courts and football pitches, and in our fitness suite and swimming pool. And in inspiring creative spaces – which include a professional auditorium, dance studios, and soundproofed music rooms – every student is encouraged to express themselves.

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Our social purpose
At BIS HCMC, your child will learn about the challenges facing society – and take action to address them. In doing so, they’ll develop the skills and characteristics to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.
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Our social purpose

Through integrated social impact projects, global collaborations, and hands-on community service learning, your child will make a real difference in school, locally, and across the world.

Our students stand up for what they believe in and make their voice heard through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF. Your child will explore global issues – including the Sustainable Development Goals and Rights of the Child agendas – and take part in debates, challenges, and international trips, where they’ll share their ideas on the world stage.

We’re passionate about the environment, too. Our Eco Committee drives our sustainability activities, devising recycling initiatives and leading local clean-ups, which demonstrate our commitment to keeping the area around our school tidy. Our student-led ‘Precious Plastics’ project – which upcycles single-use plastic into products to sell and reuse – was awarded a Nord Anglia Education grant for its impact on waste.

Working with local community partners, including the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and The Friends for Street Children Association, our students effect real change. They learn about each organisation and the people they support, and design campaigns to raise awareness and educate our school community.

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The Nord Anglia Education family
Your child will flourish in our diverse international community, where every success is celebrated, individuality is embraced, and every person acts with integrity, care, and respect.
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The Nord Anglia Education family

Everyone’s welcome at BIS HCMC. Our inclusive school community is home to students, families, and teachers from more than 55 countries, fostering an atmosphere of diversity and respect, and nurturing global connections and networks.

Here, it’s not only our students who forge lifelong friendships; our parents do, too. Our Parent Teacher Groups (PTGs) are thriving communities that create a warm, accepting, family-orientated environment. The PTGs are also an important link between parents, teachers, and students. They organise regular get-togethers and events, including city tours for new arrivals, coffee mornings, and our popular Global Café. They’re the driving force behind our uniform upcycling scheme, too, which transforms old and unused items into cushion covers, mascots, and tote bags, which are sold to raise money for our community partners.

On our Global Campus platform, your child will be part of an international family of learners. They’ll make friends, create, and take on new challenges alongside children from 81 Nord Anglia schools worldwide.

We’re also incredibly proud of our alumni, who form lifelong friendships and go on to achieve notable success. They inspire our current students with stories of adventure, experience of universities abroad, and exciting careers around the world.

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We’re delighted you’re considering BIS HCMC for your child’s education. Our warm and welcoming admissions team will guide you through our application process.
  • Get in touch with us today using our online enquiry form.
  • Come and see our campuses in person – or join us for a virtual tour.
  • Send us your application and supporting documents via our online form.
  • We’ll invite your child to sit our age-appropriate admission assessments.
  • If everyone’s happy, our admissions team will be in touch to offer your child a place.


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BIS HCMC Graduates of 2024 achieve remarkable IBDP results outperforming all global averages

We are incredibly proud to announce that our class of 2024, with a cohort of just over 102 students, have achieved outstanding IBDP results, significantly outperforming all IBDP Global averages. Once again, the hard work, commitment, skills, and attitude of our students has been recognised with stunning academic results that place them among the very best worldwide. These results now provide our students with an astounding choice of some of the top universities worldwide.

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Every year BIS HCMC takes students from across several year groups, in Primary and Secondary to the FOBISIA Friendly Games, held near Pattaya in Thailand.  This provides our young athletes with the opportunity to compete at a high level against other British International Schools across Asia in athletics, basketball, football, swimming and T-ball as well as form global friendships with their peers throughout the region.

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Last month we were proud to have three student ambassadors attend this year’s NAE-UNICEF Student Summit, hosted for the first time ever in Houston, Texas from 12 to 19 June 2024.  The event was hosted at Nord Anglia’s two schools in the city: The Village School and the British International School of Houston. Houston was chosen as the ideal location for the Summit thanks to being the first officially recognised “Child-Friendly City” in the United States of America.

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Our students benefit from a truly holistic education that unlocks a world of possibilities, inspiring your child to be their best, get superb academic results, and develop a lifetime love of learning.

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