Outstanding experiences

Extraordinary expeditions, collaborations, and hundreds of co-curricular activities enrich our students’ education.


Your child will create long-lasting memories, build confidence and learn about the world around them on our life-changing expeditions. In Vietnam and across the globe, there’s no limit to what your child can achieve, from trekking through jungles, hitting the slopes, canyoning, cycling and impacting local communities. Working as a team to overcome challenges and create change, your child will create meaningful friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

With over 100 co-curricular activities and world-leading collaborations, every day is enriched by learning opportunities that spark your child’s curiosity and creativity and nurture their strengths and passions. They’ll develop a global citizen mindset and make an impact on the communities around them. Through our extensive list of community partners and our collaboration with UNICEF your child will be able to create change and broaden their worldview.
Life-changing Experiences

extraordinary Expeditions in Vietnam



A world of adventure awaits on life-changing local and global expeditions that create lasting memories. Read all about the life changing experiences from 2023 in our Primary and Secondary expedition blogs. 
Global expeditions
On once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to Switzerland, Cambodia, and the Philippines, our students learn about the world around them and take on new challenges.
Global expeditions

Gliding down the slopes of the Swiss Alps, our students grow in confidence, form lasting friendships, and enjoy the thrill of new experiences. At the Nord Anglia expedition centre in Les Martinets, your child will take on challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zone, supported by a team of outdoor experts.

Students return from their underwater adventures in Puerto Galera, the Philippines, as certified PADI Open Water Divers. Our ethical diving trip gives students the chance to explore pristine reefs and extraordinary marine life. They also support the local community on projects that protect the environment, including beach clean-ups.

Our community service trips to rural Cambodia broaden our students' worldview and challenge their way of thinking. Students work with locals on vital community projects, including building libraries, laying paths, and making clay pots for water storage. 

Our students also have the opportunity to go on specialist trips. As a member of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), students attend drama and music festivals, as well as international maths championships. Most recently, our Nam Phang Racing team represented Vietnam at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Abu Dhabi.

Expeditions in Vietnam
We offer a range of bespoke residential expeditions across Vietnam, which challenge, stimulate, and nurture our students' personal and social growth.
Expeditions in Vietnam

Our residential expeditions broaden our students’ worldview, exposing them to different cultures and traditions, and opening their eyes to local and global issues. 

Our action-packed expedition to Madagui, which is on the border of Cat Tien National Park, encourages personal growth and teamwork, as students take on adventurous activities like rock climbing and ziplining. Trekking from Tu Lan in the North to Dalat in the Central Highlands, students discover mountains, jungles, and caves, have a go at abseiling and canyoning, and learn camping and survival skills. They also enjoy a 75km bicycle ride from Dalat to Mui Ne through coffee plantations and forests. 

From supporting local communities in Kon Tum to a five-day social development expedition in Quy Nhon, our expeditions build each student's courage and determination, develop their sense of self, and see them grow personally and emotionally.

Local experiences

Local excursions and days out bring subjects like history, geography, and art to life, providing hands-on experiences that inspire, engage, and excite.

Local experiences

At BIS HCMC, we believe in the innumerable benefits of learning beyond the classroom. Our local excursions add an exciting dimension to our students' education, and are closely tied into the curriculum.

Early Years Foundation Stage trips include sourcing cooking ingredients at local markets and ziplining through adventure playgrounds, which build our youngest learners' confidence and enable them to try new things.

Our primary trips include a visit to the tallest building in Vietnam, Landmark 81, and discovering local flora and fauna at Binh Quoi Tourist Village, sparking our students' curiosity and encouraging enquiry and reflection.

At secondary, carefully considered excursions align with our IBDP students' Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) work. Volunteering alongside local community partners, including Ky Quang Pagoda Orphanage and Thien Phuoc Foster Home, engages students with our community, as well as inspiring them to think big and see the world as a global citizen.

Sporting expeditions
Our fantastic sports teams represent the school with pride, connecting and competing with teams at tournaments in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia.
Sporting expeditions

As members of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and Saigon International School Athletics Competition (SISAC) our students try out at the start of the year for dedicated sports teams and have the chance to compete locally and abroad. Our SISAC fixtures run throughout the year with other member schools in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) whilst the FOBISIA games, comprising of swimming, athletics, basketball and football competitions are held in Thailand. 

Our Barracudas Swim Squad also have the opportunity to visit Thailand as part of the Bangkok Feeding Frenzy swim meets and Hanoi for the UNIS swimming competition. 

Our teams train diligently for these competitions, building their resilience and perseverance, whilst the games provide opportunities to display good sportsmanship and build on the BIS HCMC values of integrity, respect and care.

Unrivalled collaborations
Our students have access to once in a lifetime opportunities from representing Vietnam in the F1 in Schools world finals to undertaking the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Unrivalled Collaborations

Formula 1 in Schools

Our Nam Phong racing team exclusively represents Vietnam in the highly competitive STEM challenge set by formula 1 racing. Our teams collaborate to mimic real F1 teams where they design, manufacture, test and race miniature F1 cars. Read more about the latest world finals in Abu Dhabi.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

This world-leading personal improvement programme is based around four core elements: Community service, building practical and social skills, physical recreation, adventure and teamworking skills. Our students complete trekking expeditions and work on projects ranging from environmental clean-ups in Cambodia to work experience in Spain. This optional programme requires a total of 180 hours of activities to achieve the Gold award, which is a highly prestigious achievement for young people across the globe.

Discover what it takes to earn the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Alongside our school collaborations, we also have exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT and UNICEF.

Learn more about these Nord Anglia collaborations.

Week Without Walls
Challenging our children as leaders and learners, our Week Without Walls is packed with exciting activities that develop our students’ skills beyond the classroom.
Week Without Walls

From extraordinary STEAM projects and Juilliard collaborations to sustainable development and wellbeing activities, our annual Week Without Walls challenges students in new and exciting ways, developing their communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

Wellbeing activities include healthy cooking, colouring, juggling, and mindfulness. Students can also take on creative challenges, ranging from our virtual escape room to building the fastest Grand Prix car. They can get active, too, trying scuba diving, climbing, and archery. And they’re encouraged to show respect and integrity by supporting our youngest students, getting out and supporting our community, and working on a Global Goals film.

Our house system
Every student is a member of one of our four houses, which are named after famous locations in Vietnam. Creating strong bonds across the age groups, your child will make friends and compete in fun challenges.
Our house system

Every student is a member of one of our four school houses, which foster a strong sense of community spirit and provide a robust support system.

Throughout the year, your child will take part in exciting challenges to earn points for their house. Competitions range from film festivals and fashion shows to house sports days. These enrich our curriculum and create a strong sense of pride, bringing our community closer together.




Our co-curricular programme offers something for everyone, with more than 100 activities to choose from on each of our three campuses.
Discover our co-curricular activities
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Your child will get moving, compete against friends and other schools – including for our Barracudas swim team – and enjoy an extraordinary range of after-school activities.
Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_048

Whatever their passion, your child will find an activity they love on our sports enrichment programme.

Our early years children are introduced to different dance styles, learn to swim, and play short tennis, football, and badminton. Our primary students hone their benchball, netball, dodgeball, basketball, and cricket skills, and get active at our kick-boxercise and dance classes. And at secondary school, students have an unparalleled choice of clubs, ranging from judo, spinning and Zumba to American football, volleyball, and cross-country running.

As well as recreational clubs, we run regular training and squad sessions for our BIS HCMC athletes. Our sports teams take part in SISAC (Saigon) and FOBISIA (Asia) tournaments, as well as prestigious national and international competitions. This includes our Barracudas swim team, which competes at a high level both at home and abroad.

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Visual and Performing arts

Our performing arts programme prepares your child for the world stage, cultivating creativity through drama and dance.

Our visual arts programme will challenge your child's imagination through painting, creative drawing, illustration, photography and more.

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Performing arts

Our students enjoy a truly world-class performing arts experience, enhanced by our collaboration with The Juilliard School. Budding actors and creatives learn from our specialist instructors and artists in our purpose-built spaces, nurturing outstanding talents and developing new skills.

There’s something for everyone at our creative after-school clubs as well, including hip-hop, K-Pop, and Chinese traditional dance groups. Your child can take part in class and whole-school theatrical productions, too, ranging from High School Musical and The Lion King to Bonnie and Clyde.

Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_052
Both talented and aspiring musicians will flourish on our specialist music programme, which offers a myriad of opportunities.
Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_052

Music can play a transformational role in your child’s development, promoting cultural literacy and inspiring creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

We offer a broad range of musical experiences. From Peking opera, orchestral, and big band ensembles to ukulele, rock, and jazz clubs – there’s a world of artistic opportunities to explore on our after-school enrichment programme. Your child can learn an instrument, perform at our Tea Time Recitals, sing in our school choir, and take part in our Battle of the Bands competition, too.

We also encourage our talented singers and instrumentalists to compete against other performers in the Young Musician of the Year competition.

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Our pioneering STEAM programme challenges our students to ‘invent the future’, solving real-world problems and embracing their curiosity. 
Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_054

Our approach to STEAM reimagines learning in new and extraordinary ways, as our students explore the infinite possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths in our state-of-the-art DREAMS labs.

Your child can join specialist clubs, including mega machine robotics, 3D building, physics explorers, and coding, where they'll attempt to solve unique challenges. Designing zero gravity exercise devices, drafting prototype habitats for astronauts on Mars, and using computer programming to control a robot fleet encourage every student to think creatively and critically. They’ll also experience the excitement of the annual Nord Anglia STEAM Festival.

Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_057
Your child will learn about themselves and others, making a tangible difference in school, in our community, and on the international stage.
Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_057

Our students make a positive impact through social outreach projects, global collaborations, and hands-on community action.

Your child will research, debate, and explore global issues – including the Sustainable Development Goals and Rights of the Child agendas – through our collaboration with UNICEF. They’ll come up with ideas and challenges to raise money and awareness for our brilliant community partners. And they’ll support the causes that matter to them by joining our clean-up, CURE (which raises awareness about oceanic pollution), or global issues after-school clubs.

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Language and culture
Our international community is home to children and families from more than 55 countries, inspiring our students to develop a lifelong love of language and culture.
Image_BISHCMC_Ho Chi Minh City_2022_058
Language and culture

Alongside our modern foreign languages curriculum, students can choose to take Korean lessons, practice their Vietnamese speaking skills, or even volunteer to teach English at local schools. 

We offer an array of opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in different cultures, too. Your child can learn a traditional Chinese fan dance, explore cuisines from around the world, and try Kung-Fu. And at international events throughout the year, students, parents and teachers come together to share food and take part in uplifting cultural activities.


Transformational learning experiences - including exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School, UNICEF and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - spark our students' curiosity and creativity.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world leader in performing arts fosters our students’ love of dance, drama, and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme develops our students’ problem-solving skills through real-world challenges that get them thinking outside the box.
Students are challenged to make a difference both locally and internationally, working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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We know that children learn best when they’re content, comfortable, and cared for, which is why all our students follow a personalised wellbeing curriculum, led by our highly qualified pastoral team.

Your child will also benefit from activities that keep their mind and body healthy, as they learn to look after themselves and others, form positive relationships, be adaptable, and cope with adversity. We have a dedicated Advice, Support and Counselling team, too, with qualified counsellors and nurses on each campus. Our wellbeing and support dog, Percy, is also on hand to provide comfort and companionship in school, boosting everyone’s wellbeing!

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Through integrated social impact projects, global collaborations, and hands-on community action, your child will make a difference in school, locally, and across the world. They’ll become a socially and environmentally responsible citizen, too.

Working with community partners – including the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and The Friends for Street Children Association – our students effect real change. They also lead the way on environmental action, supporting our uniform recycling scheme and Precious Plastics project, as well as taking part in global sustainability competitions like Earth Prize. Your child will also take a stand on the issues that affect our planet through our partnership with UNICEF.



Your child will love learning here, where imaginatively designed spaces, purpose-built facilities, and interactive technology unlock a world of possibilities.

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