Primary Weekly Update 17/06/2022 - primary-weekly-update-17-06-2022
17 June, 2022

Primary Weekly Update 17/06/2022

Primary Weekly Update 17/06/2022 - primary-weekly-update-17-06-2022
Primary Weekly Update 17/06/2022 International Week is a highlight of the school year, there has been so much happening all week to help strengthen the BIS community. Home

‘United as global citizens, we develop the skills and characteristics to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.’ BIS Mission Statement.

This week across both primary campuses we have been celebrating ‘International Week’.  It is impossible to put into a few sentences how much has been happening, but it all points to achieving what we set out to in our mission statement.

Through the parades, dances, assemblies, the Global Cafe, the International Experience, class swaps, parent visits, specialist rooms, and other activities, the children have had a tremendous time finding out about each other’s countries, languages, culture and food.  Through all these learning experiences the children are developing a greater understanding and respect for each other, something they will take with them forever.

In addition, to the social benefits, the children have also had a focus this year on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  This has been a focus in many classrooms, but there has also been some cross-campus collaboration, as members of the Global Goals Committee worked with the children in Year 2.  Find out more below in Ms Kirstie’s report.

Through photos and reports, we have shared just a fraction of what has been going on in school this week.  You will be able to find more reports and photos in learning letters and in next week’s update.

International Week in F1

There was a very exciting start to International Week in F1! The children watched in awe as our friends from Tomatito showed us how they cooked a traditional Spanish paella. The children were so intrigued by the giant pan and the bubbling rice. They couldn't wait to tuck into the delicious feast! Once tummies were full, we all gathered to watch a flamenco dancing performance by Ms Fiorella and friends. We clapped along to the music and struck out best flamenco poses together at the end. What a wonderful start to a special week!

Clare Lowson/ F1V Teacher & F1 Leader

Global Goals Workshops with Secondary


Year 2 were fortunate to have the first workshop of a new collaboration with Secondary’s Global Goals committee. BIS have had a real push this year on learning about the Global Goals, a set of aims set by the United Nations for every country to help to make our world a better place. The Secondary students first came to observe and support our Year 2s to observe how they learn a month ago, and they returned this week to lead on learning.

The workshops focused on six Global Goals and the students learned that they could be categorised into social and environmental goals. They played games to develop their understanding of the goals and then used Art to express what they thought their perfect world would look like, with all of the goals met. Finally, the students compared their artwork with the world we live in and looked at how they could help the planet in their daily lives and the future.

The children and staff loved the workshop experience and hopefully look forward to further collaboration opportunities to spread our passion and knowledge about the Global Goals!

Staff Leaving BIS June 2022

Group 1

This year we say farewell to 15 staff across both primary campuses. With a combined total of well over 80 years service to BIS, our departing staff have been an extremely important part of the fabric of school life here at BIS HCMC.  All our staff are leaving Vietnam with the exception of Mrs Philippa Rowlands who is retiring from teaching after a great career.  We wish Philippa all the very best for her retirement but are pleased that she will be around and about and we know we will see her at future school events.

Another person retiring after a great career of teaching, many years of which have been spent here at BIS HCMC is Eileen Winfield Chislett.  Eileen is looking forward to retiring and exploring the UK with her husband.  They take with us their very best wishes as they explore the UK and enjoy this next chapter in their lives.

Carli Holbrook travels home to Canada with her husband Owen, a teacher in secondary school and their 3 children.  More adventures await and we look forward to hearing how the whole family gets on in the coming years.

John Copley and Lauren Ryan return to Ireland.  It’s exciting times ahead for both and we will await news on the new arrival in the coming months. Ireland will be a little different from HCMC, apart from the rain of course! but the memories will live on forever.

Group 2

Mel Wagstaff along with her partner Simon, also in the secondary campus, and son Rafi are destined for Prague!  After many years in Vietnam, Prague will be quite different but with 4 seasons to look forward to and new experiences ahead we look forward to hearing about their new adventures also.

Aziza Williams is going back home to London town! Aziza has been at the school for many years, having worked at both campuses.  We know that there will be lots of new experiences ahead and we can’t wait to hear all about them. 

Also heading back to the UK along with her husband Lee and 2 sons is Gemma Gotting.  Gemma has been at BIS for 9 years and she too has worked across both campuses and across EYFS and KS1.  A new adventure back awaits all the Gottings and we know they are looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends back home. 

Luke Dyer and Sara Heath are also headed home to New Zealand.  Having been with us for a good number of years, for Sara at TX then the EY&I and for Luke at AP1 then both primary campuses, they have given a huge amount to the school. Their girls graduated in recent years and are already back in NZ and no doubt there will be great reunions ahead.  We know you will both stay in touch and let us know how all is going.

Group 3

Helen Bonner departs BIS for the Middle East. Helen has been working in our Learning Support Department, mainly at the EY&I campus and has had such a positive impact on many students.  Being closer to her two children back in the UK will be a big bonus and we know Helen will bring a wealth of knowledge to her new post.  Keep in touch Helen!

Another teacher destined for home is Darragh Glynn, home being Ireland.  A tad cooler perhaps than HCMC, we know Darragh will enjoy being back home with family and friends although I’m sure he’ll miss playing gaelic in sweltering heat too!  Perhaps we will see you this side of the world at some point in the future!

Andi Bex has worked at BIS for a good number of years in our EAL department at the EY&I Campus.  She has always been a keen member of the department.  Andi heads back to the UK with her husband Andy and they will no doubt have more great adventures ahead.

Zoe Turner is another teacher leaving us this year.  What started as a maternity cover quickly turned into a full time position.  Zoe has taught at the EY&I campus and has been a wonderful addition to our teaching team!

Louise Glisson is also headed homeward. Another maternity cover that turned into our gain with another full contract teaching Year 5 at the Junior Campus.  Lots of exciting ahead for Lousie and indeed all of our departing teachers. 

We wish you all the very best, remember you are always BIS!

BIS Primary Silent Art Auction

It is with pleasure that we invite you to participate in the BIS Primary Silent Art Auction featuring a unique collection of pieces created by our very talented primary students! 

Please click here to enter the gallery where you will be able to virtually browse through some remarkable art and to easily submit a bid for any pieces which may catch your eye.

All proceeds will be donated to our community partners, Free The Bears and Laws For Paws who have engaged with our students, relentlessly raising awareness of the plight of domestic and wild animals in Vietnam.

The auction will close on Sunday 19th June after which, you will be notified should your bid have been successful.

Thank you for supporting our community partners and for taking the time to encourage our budding young artists through your investment in their work.

Tracey Brownrigg
Co-Curricular Coordinator and
Community Service Project Manager

BIS Summer Sports

Dear Parents and BIS Sports Stars,

Unfortunately, the annual action packed BIS Summer Sports School will not go ahead this year due to construction work on each campus. However, so that all of our sports enthusiasts can stay fit, healthy and skilled over the summer break, BIS will be advertising Summer Camps in our local area. These are all run by our trusted 3rd Party External Sports Providers who you know and love from our paid CCA programme. 

Please click this Summer Camps 22 link to see information regarding these weekly Summer Camps throughout the holiday period. Please note that all booking, payment and communication should be done directly with the 3rd Party External Sport Provider. BIS will take no responsibility for the camps, we are simply promoting the excellent activities that will be happening in An Phu this summer.

I hope many of our children take up the offer of these camps, learn new skills and make new friends along the way.

I hope all of our BIS families have a well deserved break over the summer and I look forward to seeing you again next year for some competitive sport in HCMC and beyond!

Phil Husband

Director of Sport

22/06/22                                 F1 End of Year Celebration with F1S, V, N @ 8.45am

23/06/22                                 F1 End of Year Celebration with F1B & I @ 8.45am

24/06/22                                 Year 6 Leavers Assembly 10.30am 

24/06/22                                 Term ends @ 11.30am for the JC and 11.50am for EY&I

keep your campus healthy

Symptomatic (Any Cold/Flu/Covid Symptoms) - stay off school until symptom free. 

Take a precautionary Rapid Antigen Test at home prior to return and keep the school informed. 

Any concern you have at home with the health of your child, and include the Health and Safety Leads of each campus (EYIC Ms Sarah Curran and JC Mr Chris McKelvie

It is vital, also, that you inform the office of any positive case within your family – these are called ‘household close contacts’.

If your child needs the School Nurse to administer any prescribed medication during the school day please do not put medication in the school bag but contact the School Nurse and sign the appropriate form.

Ms Sarah Curran and Mr Chris McKelvie, Deputy Headteachers

Online application for Fundinotots

Are you a qualified teacher?

Supply teacher

If you are, and are interested in doing some supply/cover teaching at BIS, please contact either Chris McKelvie ( or Sarah Curran (  They will arrange to meet and talk you through what is required in order to join those who we call upon to cover classes when the teacher is unable to be there. 

And Finally…

This week you should have received an email with details of how to access your child’s end of year report.  If you haven’t please contact either Mr Neil ( or Ms Maria ( Please take time to read this report with your child and consider how you can act on the next steps as directed by the class teacher. 

You will also be receiving an email on Friday with details of who your child’s class teacher will be next year, and for those classes that are mixing, a new class list.  These are in preparation for our ‘Class Swap’ morning on Tuesday next week.  For most children, they will be moving within the campus, but for children in Years 2 and 6, please take note of the arrangements as they involve a campus change.

We look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday morning for the latest phase of the vaccination programme.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

Ian Battersby and Dee Grimshaw